How online slot sites continue to attract and retain players

Online slots are one of the most played casino games. Many players enjoy slots due to their fast pace and simple rules, there are also so many of them to choose from on the internet.

Slot players once had to visit land based casino venues to experience the game, however the development of fast internet speeds and smartphone devices has given players access to the game at any time and location of their choosing. Slots can be played on Live casino sites on PCs, phones and tablets.

There are now a huge number of online casinos and slots sites, meaning that the industry has become very competitive. It is therefore imperative that these sites make extra effort to attract and retain players.

Welcome bonuses and promotions

online slot sites continue to attract and retain players

One way in which online casinos and slots sites remain competitive is to offer generous welcome bonuses and promotions. New visitors to these sites are encouraged to sign up for an account and make their first deposit by being offered a deposit bonus, these bonuses vary in value and occasionally bonuses that do not require the player to first make an initial deposit can be found.

These bonuses come with wagering requirements that players should make sure they understand before depositing cash. These requirements can mean that players must play certain games or play certain amounts in order to withdraw any winnings.

While offers for new players are the most common, many sites will run promotions for returning players to retain their loyalty. On online slots sites free spins are a very popular offer.

There is nothing stopping players from signing up to multiple sites in order to take advantage of all of the best bonuses and promotions.

Variety of games

Another way in which slots continue to attract and retain players is by having a wide variety of slot games. This can include video slots, traditional slots and hybrid games like Slingo, which is a mix between slots and the popular game bingo.

While many of the classic slot games have three reels, many newer games have five reels. There are even slots that have six or seven reels, which tend to follow 6×3 or 7×3 grid setups. More reels generally means that games are longer in length.

There are also progressive slot games, in these games whenever the player wagers part of that wager contributes to the game’s jackpot. Many slots sites will make a point of displaying the total progressive jackpot that has accumulated.

Interactive slots are a new development that utilise modern technical innovations. These games share some similarities with video games as they allow the player to take part in some form of advancing plot.

Mini-games can form an entertaining part of the interactive slot experience, games of virtual mini-golf are one fun example of these.

Another type of slot game that is currently under development is virtual reality (VR) slots, while these are not yet commonplace VR innovations and the release of headsets such as Oculus Rift mean that VR slots are soon to be very popular.

It is likely that the first VR slot players will be early-adopters, which are the people that like to be the very first to try out new innovations.

As well as having a variety of slot game types, slots sites have released games in a huge range of different themes in order to entice players and keep content fresh. There are slot themes to suit all interests and players are encouraged to try out different games and new releases.

Ancient Egypt themed games are one popular type of slot, these games use symbols associated with that historical period such as hieroglyphics. Viking slots are also enjoyed by players, these often have very immersive graphics that have been carefully designed by game developers.

Slots based on popular culture are widely played, with movies such as Jurassic Park, Batman and Game of Thrones all being turned into slot games. Music slots are also a great theme and often incorporate well-matched music, for example in the Guns N Roses slot game, players are delighted with rock music as a soundtrack throughout the game.

Other popular theme choices include; the traditional fruit slot theme, adventure slots, magic slots, Irish slots and space themed slots.

Online security

Lastly, one thing online slots players must do is reassure players that their platform is safe. This means that their personal data is safe and encrypted and the payment methods they use are secure.

All online slots sites should have a valid SSL certification, players will know this is the case if there is a padlock icon in the browser search bar at the top of the web page. Offering multiple methods for making transactions is also a sign that an online slots site is safe.

The site might use secure third party payment providers such as PayPal or Skrill. If a slot only accepts one payment type, this is seen as a red flag by many users.

As the online slots world becomes increasingly competitive for providers, they must work hard to continue to attract and retain players. Only those with the best choice in games, online security and promotions will be able to grow their business. is one of the leading tech blogs started in 2014. Our stories have been picked up by the likes of Forbes, Foxnews, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget, The Verge, GSMAreana, and many others. Want to know more about us? Head here. You can follow us on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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