How the Future of Mobile Gaming Looks More Promising

Video games have become very popular in the 70s and now the gaming sector is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world right now. In the last few years, sales of gaming consoles, games, and all the things related to it have seen enormous growth. The current market value of the gaming industry is considered at $151.55 billion. And this is going to double in the next few years. Gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo switch are already popular among the game community. The numbers of people relying on PC for gaming are also in great numbers. But since the popularity of smartphones, the new target market for the gaming business has arrived.

Now the number of people using mobile phones for gaming is rising exponentially. Seeing the potential of this market, many major game developers have made mobile versions of their popular titles. Now, with mobile devices getting higher specification, gaming studios and other gaming companies are coming forward to offer many new things or gamers. Here, we have mentioned how the future of mobile gaming seems promising with new trends.

How the Future of Mobile Gaming Looks More Promising

Cloud Gaming

As we said, smartphones are now packed with high-end specs and they got new upgrades every year. They have been getting more new updates compared to gaming PCs and consoles. Nonetheless, they still significantly behind in terms of performance when compared to gameplay on consoles. In essence, this does not require ROMs and doesn’t affect the quality of the games enormously. After all, most of the popular mobile phone games are more casual games, with which the developers primarily appeal to casual gamers. Nevertheless, there are of course many considerations as to how complex games can be brought to the mobile phone.

The introduction of cloud gaming can be the one solution for this. The number of service providers right now is very limited but this is likely to get a very quick moment in the next few years. Tech giants like Google and Sony have entered the market with their cloud gaming services. They know the potential of this market and want to establish new things to set trends. Cloud gaming allows users to play high-end games on any smartphone without requiring high-end mechanism in the phone. Plus, with one subscription, users can access a number of games. Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, and GeForce Now are some of the great examples. The number of service providers will eventually rise in the next few years and this competition will be beneficial for the players only. The same has happened in the video streaming, and we have witnessed how customers have multiple options for that.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The incorporation of VR and AR tech in gaming is not a new thing, but their use in the future is going to increase for sure. Apple working on new AR games and developing AR headsets, clearly shows how new things can be for the mobile gaming market. It’s not just about classic games. Several gaming companies are also increasingly relying on VR. For example, the online casino market has embraced these developments and the user can increase in the near future. Users are already able to play popular casino games like video poker, slots, blackjack, and mobile bingo with 888 Ladies and other online casinos. Playing all these games with VR headsets on the mobile phone will enrich the gameplay giving a real casino experience.

Cross-Platform Games

Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo, PC, and there are other gaming platforms. Big studios are understandably trying to reach a large part of the gaming community. The large market is obviously mobile gaming. Well-known titles such as Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are now also available for several systems and consoles, but the highest number of players are from mobile. So, in the future, we may expect that the players on the different platforms have not been able to play with or against each other. Thanks to cross-platform development, this should change more and more. Several games like Fortnite, CoD, Dauntless, and others are already offering this feature. In the future, more games could offer.

Consoles for Mobile Gaming and Gaming Phones

Nintendo offers the Switch which is considered to be the first mobile console for mobile gaming. We expect the entry of Microsoft and Sony in the future; however, they are initially relying on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which are coming to dominate the market in the future. Along with the demand for gaming, the demand for gaming phone is also rising. In the next few years, gamers may expect a function where they can play or resume the game from consoles to phones.

5G Network Will Open New Possibilities

With the new and theoretically super-fast 5G mobile communications standard, a number of new windows are opening up for exciting mobile applications. Games are of course not excluded from this. Here, cloud and streaming services in particular once again play an important role. In addition, 5G not only offers significantly faster data rates but also low latency times and low pings, which is especially important for fast multiplayer titles. In all probability, fans of mobile games should look forward to some interesting new games.

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