How to Browse the Internet Anonymously on Your Android Smartphone

 When using your android phone to browse the internet, you may feel safe that nobody is watching you. The truth is that the government, advertisers, ISPSs, and big tech companies may be tracking your online activities. Therefore, keeping your browsing anonymous on your android smartphone should always remain a top priority if you want to ensure utmost privacy when online.

When browsing online, you can ensure your device does not record your browsing history to ensure ‘local anonymity.’ Alternatively, when you block advertisers and sites from tracking your online activity, you’ll be protecting yourself from ‘tracking anonymity.’

This article guides you on how you can remain anonymous when browsing the internet using your android smartphone.

1. Browse using a VPN

Another way of boosting your online privacy and remaining anonymous when browsing is to install a VPN on your browser. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is designed to encrypt your connection to any network and website, including an online casino South Africa 

That means when browsing the internet, and your VPN plugin is active on the browser, your internet service provider (ISP) is unlikely to monitor your browsing history. Advertisers and webmasters may also find it challenging to track and find you online when browsing using a VPN.

There are plenty of reliable VPNs in the market today. Before choosing a VPN to install on the browser, you should first use the free trial and establish whether it is the best for your browser. A reliable VPN helps your browser block ads and hide your IP address, ensuring your utmost anonymity.

2. Browse Incognito Mode

The simplest and faster way to make your browsing secure and more private is to switch your browser to Incognito. If you’re using Chrome browser, you can change your browser mode to Incognito by launching a new Incognito tab on the menu.

If you’re using the Safari browser, you can switch to a private tab on the overview screen and make your browsing safe. By turning to incognito mode, all the cookies and browsing history on your browser is hidden, and no third-parties can track the sites you’re visiting when online.

The only disadvantage of using Incognito is that your mobile service provider can still access your browsing history. As long as you are connected to the network, the service provider can monitor your browsing activities. However, this is a more convenient way to avoid leaving any trace of browsing history on your android phone.

3. Clear Browsing History

There is another way you can stop advertisers and other websites from tracking your browsing when using Chrome. Apart from switching to Incognito or private modes, you can also change your browser settings and remain anonymous online.

You can change your chrome browser’s privacy settings and stop the chrome browser from using your previous browsing history to determine your search results. You can also use this setting to limit the information other sites can find out about your browsing.

For instance, when shopping online, you can block other sites from determining whether you have a payment method integrated on your android phone. Clear browsing data on your chrome browser whenever you go online to ensure no third-party sites track you. You should also ensure you clear cookies from the website you visit and wipe all your browsing history to boost your online privacy.

4. Check your App Permissions

With an android phone, you are free to download and install any application from Google Store and other sources. Most of the android applications normally request permissions to access your phone’s GPS location, contacts, messages, and other sensitive information.

When enabling such access, these applications can share the information with third-party websites, advertisers, and most big tech companies. Some Android apps will even transmit sensitive information to the app developers once you permit them to access your android smartphone. Before granting that app access to your location and address book, you should ask yourself whether it’s necessary or not. There are third-party apps that steal sensitive information from your phone.

Most of these apps are normally idle on your phone. That means you can still uninstall them from your android phone and enjoy other useful apps. Go to your app settings on the android phone and restrict permissions from apps that may be collecting information from your phone.

5. Install Ad Blocker on your Android Smartphone

Most of the big advertising companies depend on your online browsing history to custom the adverts they send to you. Facebook and Google are the biggest beneficiaries of this. These two will honestly track your online activities even when you’re logged out. This way, they can determine the kind of adverts you get.

If you want to restrict search engines and other social media platforms from accessing your browsing history, all you have to do is install an effective ad blocker on your android phone. Most browsers like Opera Mini and Brave come with a pre-installed ad blocker for trackers and adverts. Before going online, you should ensure you have an effective and running ad blocker on your browser. It will help your escape the hassle of skipping ads when browsing.

Final Thoughts

If you want to ensure privacy and anonymity when browsing, you have to choose your browser carefully. Install the best VPN in the market and avoid installing third-party apps that access sensitive information on your website.

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