How to cancel Nintendo Online Membership?

Nintendo Switch Online is a paid membership that will allow you to play Switch games online, save your games on the cloud, voice chat with friends on the Companion app, and more. Even with so many benefits, there might be reasons that you don’t want to use Nintendo Online anymore.

You should cancel your Nintendo Switch Online subscription if you don’t plan to use your Switch for a time or if you no longer require its features and benefits. See below for specific instructions on how to achieve that with your Switch and an online browser.

Cancelling your Nintendo Online membership is easy, though the process may vary depending on whether you’re using a console or a computer. What follows are detailed instructions of how to cancel Nintendo Online on the Switch and using a computer’s web browser.

How to cancel Nintendo Online Membership through the Nintendo website

cancel Nintendo Online Membership

  1. Head over to and then sign in
  2. In the top-right, you’ll have to click your profile picture and then click Settings
  3. From the left menu, you’ll have to click on “Shop Menu”
  4. Click on “Nintendo Switch Online”
  5. Now, select “Terminate Automatic Renewal” before clicking on Terminate to confirm

How to cancel Nintendo Online Membership through the Nintendo Switch

  1. From the Switch home screen, you should select “Nintendo eShop”
  2. Choose your profile picture in the top-right
  3. On the left menu, you should scroll down to highlight Nintendo Switch Online
  4. In the main pane, you should select Terminate Automatic Renewal
  5. Lastly, select Terminate to confirm

What happens once you cancel your Nintendo Switch Online membership?

Once you’ve canceled your Nintendo Switch Online membership, you will not lose access to the perks instantly. This will only happen once you reach what would normally be the renewal date. Once it is expired, you won’t be able to play your games in the online multiplayer mode, voice chat with your friends, play the included NES games, and more.

Moreover, your saved data cloud backup will no longer be available while Nintendo doesn’t actually guarantee that it’ll retain these indefinitely once the subscription expires. If you’ve got a family membership, everyone in the family would lose access to the membership once the membership is canceled. Nintendo recommends that you should terminate your online membership at least 48 hours before it is going to expire to make sure that the automatic renewal doesn’t kick in.

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