Pixel Buds FAQ: How To Change Tracks On Pixel Buds

Today we will be answering the most asked questions in a recent time we have received is “How To Change Tracks On Pixel Buds” or “How I can change the Track On My Pixel Buds“.Many of you might have missed out on the fact that Google on 4th October event launched a brand new gadget named Pixel Buds along with Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and Pixel Book.

Pixel Buds are smart earphones which provide you one-touch access to Google assistant. You can either touch or hold to launch Google assistant instantly, and you can swipe up or down to control volume. You can also make it read your notifications and messages like a real-life assistant. But what makes it stand out is its feature of real-time translation. It will enable you to communicate with a person speaking in a different language. All you have to do is tap and hold the right earbud and let a foreigner speak into your phone, and the language will be translated instantly, and you will get to hear your mother tongue of the same sentences spoken by the other person.

The Problem – Shortcomings Of Pixel Buds

As you might of aware that Google Pixel 2 has no 3.5 mm headphone jack and Pixel Buds is the alternative you have to headphone just like it is in Apple’s iPhone. One of the annoying thing users have been reporting is that the Pixel Buds have no control to change soundtracks without touching the phone. The touch sensor provided on the right earbud can help you to play and pause music, swipe forward and backwards to increase or decrease volume respectively.

How To Overcome The Shortcoming To Change Tracks On Pixel Buds

Change Tracks On Pixel Buds

The only way you can change track other than through your phone is by ordering Google Assistant to do so on your behalf. It is not the ideal solution, and it is the only one you have right now.

Step 1. Tap and hold on the right earbud and it will activate Google Assistant.

Step 2. You have to give voice commands as per your requirements. The following are some voice commands –

To play the next track

  • Change song/music/track
  • Skip track/music/track
  • Next music/song/track
  • Or, you can simply say ‘Next’.

To play the previous track

  • Skip to previous song/music/track
  • Previous

But it comes with a flaw. When you will give it the voice command to play the previous song, it will play the current song from the beginning. Google will probably release a software update soon to fix the issue as it is a grave issue that can give its competitors the edge to troll and criticize the product.

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