How To Customize Always On Display On Note 8 Without Root

Here we come with another Galaxy Note 8 Guide, Follow the guide to Customize Always On Display On Note 8 Without Root: Ever Heard of AOD…Nah? No Problem it’s not a complex Scientific term that would take your week to understand It just means Always On Display. Always On Display that You See on Most Samsung Devices these Days.

It is a Feature That Super AMOLED Displays brought out with. But Originally it was First Seen in Nokia Lumia Devices in 2013. Some LG and Motorola Devices have seen with the AOD Feature.The Always On Displays is a Trick I should say that Lets your Phone have some Pixels of your screen Stay On while the Whole Screen is Sleeping. An Always-On Display shows the time, date, and battery status by default, but can be configured to also show various types of notifications and screensavers.

But some of the geek guys out there would say what’s the Hype with the Black Screen showing a Bit Like Time, Day and Battery with Least Customizability.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with It’s Super AMOLED Display, Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540 GPU, an Octa-Core CPU, 6 Gigs of RAM and a Non-Explosive 3300mAh Battery, Sorry Samsung the Past Can’t be Forgotten. It also Comes With this AOD feature but finally, a way has been found out the Customize the Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


1. APK Editor
2. Customized AOD APK

Steps To Customize Always On Display On Note 8 Without Root  (AOD)

How To Customize Always On Display On Note 8 Without Root

1. Download any Wallpaper or Picture that you want as your AOD background.
2. Edit your image:
You should resize your image to 430×794 pixels resolution.
3. Open APK Editor.
4. Select ‘Select an APK file’ > Select the Custom AOD APK which you have downloaded from the downloads section above.
5. Select ‘Simple Edit’.
6. Swipe to the IMAGE tab.
7. You will now see 8 files labelled aod_wallpaper_01 and aod_wallpaper_01_preview, there will be 01 / 03 / 04 and 06 variants of the Same.
8. The pencil and pad icon on the right of the files will let you select an image of your choice to replace the existing one.
9. Tap on it and replace the images with your own.
10. Save the APK and Install it.
11. Reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

Customize Always On Display (AOD) OVERLAY:

1. Make sure you have installed the modified Always on Display and rebooted.
2. Pull down your notification bar fully, swipe left and hold down the ‘Always On Display’ icon.
3. Tap ‘Digital Clock’ > ‘Background’ > Select your background > Tap on ‘Apply’.
4. Reboot your Device and Done!

Note: Image used in this picture is not owned by us.It is the property of respective owner.

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