How to download the right GApp – a step-by step tutorial

GApps is a great tool for all users of android devices. It stands for google applications and usually includes programs such as Play Store, Gmail, Google calendar etc. These are very helpful tools that can be used in everyday settings, as well as work and school. It is a way to connect information, notes data and so on in a cloud, ensuring that it is available on all your devices. 

Have you heard about GApps yet? It’s a great tool where you can connect all your google applications in one. Gapps is also known as Google Suite, Google Apps for Business and Google Apps. If you want to find a unique name for your own app, you should try Domainify which will help you find the right name for your online business.

There are plenty of smart ways to use GApps, that will make your life much easier. However, your android might not come with these apps installed, luckily it is quick and easy to do yourself, and here is how.

Find the right Gapp

You can use sites online to find the Gapp you want to use. Then you must look to your device and find out which processor it has. Choose the right processor and select the android version. The next step is to select the size of the Gapps, if you want all of them it is recommended to choose full size. Choose Nano if you only need the basic.

The last step is to click download and it is all complete, after installing your custom ROM, you are free to flash the Gapps pack via recovery in custom. The apps are a great tool and can be useful in many settings.

What to do with Google Drive

Google drive is one of the most popular apps withing the Gapps. This is a great place to do group projects, schoolwork or store job related documents. This platform allows you and your team to work on and write in document at the same time. It is optimal for study groups and sharing files with your work buddies. The only thing you need is a google account and you are ready to write.

Within Google Drive you can create documents, spreadsheets and surveys. Try to store your documents in the smart filing system to always have a good overview of your work. You can easily get access to the documents through both android devices and your computer.

Connect your mail and calendar

To get the full Gapp experience, download all the apps and see how they can get connected. It is the best way to have all your work and plans organized. When you get an invitation on your g-mail, it is super easy to add it directly into your google calendar. Not only is it more efficient than ever, but it also ensures that all your plans, meetings and events are safely stored where you can find them. The calendar will notice you when the day of the event has come, always keeping you updated.

Gapps are easy to install and a great asset for all android users. Keeping track of plans and staying on top of your work can be challenging but having a good system in place will make it easier.

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