How to enable dark mode in Gmail on Android (Force Enable)

In 2019, the craze of dark mode or dark theme becomes more popular and seems quite useful too. Those who don’t know what the dark mode do? It basically offers a new look to the device or app. Saves the battery a lot and if you have an AMOLED display then it will work much better. Additionally, it reduces strain to the eyes during lowlight conditions. The dark mode becomes finally available for the Gmail app for Android platform. Here is the brief guide on How to enable dark mode in Gmail on Android (Force Enable).

As a Google service, it may take some time to receive the default dark mode option via an update to most of the devices. By just sideloading the APK file won’t work some times. It requires root access on your Android phone right now. When the smartphone OEMs offer the server-side implementations on their devices, the dark mode will work automatically after enabling it. But for now, you have to enable dark mode by modifying a simple XML file on your rooted device. Yes, you heard right!

Steps to force enable dark mode in Gmail on Android

You have to tweak an XML file on your device system via a root directory based file manager app. You can use any powerful file manager app like Solid Explorer, EZ File Explorer, etc. Make sure that the file manager app should have a built-in text editor option.

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Step 01: Edit XML Code

enable dark mode in Gmail on Android (Force Enable)

Now, go to the below-mentioned directory from the root partition on your device:

  • Once you’ve found the folder, get into it and long-press the FlagPrefs.xml file.
  • Then tap on the three-dot menu icon in the bottom-right and choose “Open with” option.
  • Now, select the Text Editor on the prompt menu.

Next, you’ve to find the following line which should be placed in the second line in the XML file. Additionally, you can use the “Find” option in the Text Editor in order to search it:

<boolean name="DarkThemeSupport__dark_theme_support" value="false" />

Here the “false” value at the end of this line is the reason that you can’t use or enable dark mode. Therefore, you have to simply change the value to “true”. Now, after changing the value, tap on the Save icon at the top-right corner. You have done the job almost.

Step 02: Enable dark mode in Gmail on Android

  • Now, for once, just force-stop the Gmail app from the app settings and re-open it.
    • You can try it multiple times if failed in the first attempt.
  • Go to the device “Settings” menu and select “General Settings”.
  • Now, you may see “Theme” option. Then select the “Dark” option.
    • Meanwhile, if you’re using Android 10 with the system-wide dark mode enabled on your device by default, you can select “System Default” option as well.
  • You’re done. Enjoy!

Please Note:

Some of the Android users can’t find any options to enable dark mode after editing the XML file. That’s only because it may require Android 9.0 Pie or higher version. Make sure that your device system language is set to US English as well. The Gmail version should be 2019.08.18.267044774 or latest. It may not work for all Android devices.

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