How to Exit Assistive Access on iPhone running iOS 17

The Assistive Access feature, designed to aid those with cognitive disabilities, is one of the many functionalities that will soon be unveiled in iOS 17. This feature has attracted early users who are now experiencing difficulties exiting the Assistive Access screen. Users have reported finding themselves stuck in an unusual passcode menu, unable to exit even with device restarts.

They’ve tried all their usual passcodes and nothing works. Even turning their phones off and on doesn’t help. It’s a bit of a problem for sure. But worry not we have got you covered here.

If you are an iOS 17 user facing the same issue, this guide is for you. It provides a quick and straightforward solution to exit the Assistive Access screen and regain full control of your iOS 17.

Steps to Exit Assistive Access on iPhone running iOS 17

How to Exit Assistive Access on iPhone running iOS 17

Follow the below steps to exit the Assistive Access screen:

  1. On your iPhone running iOS 17, press and hold the ‘Volume Up’, ‘Volume Down’, and ‘Power’ buttons simultaneously.
  2. Hold these buttons for a few seconds.

These simple steps will help you exit the Assistive Access mode. If you have any further queries regarding these steps, feel free to reach out for clarification​​.

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