Fix Baldurs Gate 3 Error Code 516

Baldurs Gate 3 is an extremely fun game inspired by the universe of Dungeons & Dragons. The game has received thousands of positive reviews and many new gamers jumping into it. However, BG3 isn’t perfect and has its fair share of bugs and issues.

One of those issues is Error Code 516. Recently, many players have been raising concerns and reporting that they’re getting the “Failed to save game – ErrorCode(s): 516” error message when trying to save the game manually.

If you’re in the same boat, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Error Code 516 in Baldurs Gate 3.

How to fix Error Code 516 in Baldurs Gate 3?

Error Code 516

Method 1: Restart the PC

restart PC window 11 menu

If you’re facing Error Code 516, it is recommended that you manually restart your PC. This will fix any potential system glitches or cache data issues.

Method 2: Run the game as the admin

Run as administrative

  • Right-click on the Baldurs Gate 3 exe file on your PC
  • Now, select “Properties” before clicking on the “Compatibility” tab
  • After that, turn on the “Run this program as an administrator” option
  • Click on “Apply” before selecting “OK” to save the changes

Method 3: Scan and repair the game files

Verify integrity of the game files on steam

  • Launch the Steam client before clicking on Library
  • After that, right-click on Baldurs Gate 3
  • Click on “Properties” before going to “Local Files”
  • Then, click on the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” option
  • Wait until the process is completed
  • Once done, you should restart your PC
  • Check if Error Code 516 is resolved

Method 4: Check for new updates

Update game on steam PC

  • Open the Steam client before going to Library
  • Now, click on Baldurs Gate 3 from the left pane
  • In case a new update is available, click on the “Update” option
  • Wait for the update to complete and then restart your PC

Method 5: Change the game save location

  • Open the Baldurs Gate 3 installation directory (by default C:\full\path\to\original\AppData\Local\Larian Studios)
  • Open the Start menu before searching for cmd
  • Now, select “Run as administrator” for Command Prompt
  • Input the following command before hitting enter –

mklink /d “C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Larian Studios” “F:\Larian Studios”

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