How to fix Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests Bug

The Spring Breakout event in Fortnite has brought in a lot of new content to the popular battle royale game. While this entire in itself is extremely exciting, one of the highlights of the event is that it offers the players various challenges for completing and earning rewards.

However, some people are encountering a bug that prevents them from completing the quests properly. This bug is causing the quests to show as completed even if the player has not finished them.

If you’re facing this issue, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests Bug.

How to fix Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests Bug

How to fix Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests Bug

Method 1: Restart the game

The first and easiest way of fixing this issue will be to simply restart Fortnite. Sometimes, there can be glitches and errors in the game, and restarting the game will fix them, including the bug that is causing the quests to appear as completed. For restarting the game, you should close Fortnite and reopen the game after a few seconds. After logging back in, you should check if the issue still persists.

Method 2: Clear the game cache

Another method that you should try would be to clear the game cache. This process will involve going to the game’s settings menu and choosing the option of clearing the cache. This will remove any temporary files that might have been causing this bug.

Method 3: Close the background apps

Another option that you can try would be to close any other applications that are running in the background. Freeing up the apps in the background will free up more resources for Fortnite to run smoothly.

Method 4: Check the internet connection

If you’re experiencing problems with your internet connection, it could be causing the issue. You should try to reset your modem or router to see if it helps. This will help in fixing the Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests bug.

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