How to Fix If Google Docs Not Downloading PDF File

Google Docs is definitely a great way of sharing information between a network or between two individuals. However, it can often be irritating when you are trying to download files on Google Docs and it doesn’t work. If you have been getting the Google Docs Not Downloading PDF File error, then this guide will be of great help to you. In this guide, you’ll get to know different methods to fix If Google Docs Not Downloading PDF File.

Steps to fix If Google Docs Not Downloading PDF File

Fix If Google Docs Not Downloading PDF File

Method 1: Enable multiple file downloads

As a security measure, Chrome usually prefers websites from downloading files one after the other. For checking if this is the case, you should load Google Docs in a new tab before clicking the padlock-shaped icon next to the address bar. In case Automatic Downloads is set to Block (Default), you should set it to Allow instead. Reload Google Docs and try to initiate a download. It will likely work now.

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Chrome pad lock settings

Chrome automatic downloads settings

Method 2: Sign out of other Google accounts

In case you’ve signed up with multiple Google Accounts in Chrome, it would be best to sign out of all of them except the one that you use for accessing Google Docs. Click the Profile Portrait in the upper-right corner of the Google Docs web app before clicking on “Sign Out of All Accounts”. Follow up by signing in with the proper Google Account and try to download the PDF files in Google Docs.

Logout from google accounts

Method 3: Request download permissions

You won’t be able to download a shared document if you don’t have the permissions required to do so. A grayed-out Download option in the Google Docs File menu will indicate that. In that case, you’ll have no option but to ask the owner of the file for permission to download the document.

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Method 4: Clear Google Docs cache

An outdated web cache can often cause many issues with websites and web apps, including Google Docs. To steer clear of the problem, you should clear the cached data related to the app.

Clear Google Docs Cache

Method 5: Disable any content-blocking extensions

Have you been using an ad-blocking extension in Chrome? This could be the thing stopping Google Docs from initiating PDF downloads. Turn the extension off by going to Chrome Menu -> More Tools -> Extensions before performing a fresh Google Docs download. If it works, you should add Google Docs to the extension’s white list for preventing any future conflicts.

Disable Google Chrome Extension


For the most part, the causes of download problems in Google Docs may be quickly and easily resolved. Remembering standard troubleshooting steps (such emptying your Google Docs cache, switching to Incognito mode, double-checking the permissions for Automatic Downloads, etc.) will come in handy the next time you run into an issue.

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