How to fix Moto G5/G5 Plus SD Card Corruption Issue

Are you facing Card Corruption (Corrupted Card) ON Moto G5/G5 Plus, if your answer is yes then you are at the right place.Here we will be sharing a step by step guide to Fix Moto G5/G5 Plus SD Card Corruption Issue.

Motorola, as we all know, is one of the leading brands when it comes to manufacturing mid-range smartphones with some of the best features. Its Moto G5/G5 Plus is a perfect example of such excellence in its G series. This device, in particular, has been appreciated widely and preferred by a huge fanbase.

If you ignore few minor glitches, then this device has been shining brightly in the smartphone market ever since its release. In this post, we will be discussing a minor glitch of Moto G5/G5 Plus – How to fix the SD Card Corruption issue.

Moto G5/G5 Plus is a device which enables the user to have both dual SIM cards as well as an SD card. It comes with two options for internal memory which are 16 GB and 32 GB. While few people are satisfied by the limited storage capacity of the internal memory but most users prefer having an external SD card for extra space. There have been reports where few issues are faced by users particularly after they reboot the device.

If you are a Moto G5/G5 Plus user and are facing similar issues, then this post will certainly help you. There are several ways using which you can solve these issues. You can easily choose the most convenient solution for you.

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Possible Steps To Fix Moto G5/G5 Plus SD Card Corruption Issue

Moto G5/G5 Plus SD Card Corruption Issue

Remove the SIM card

Try to remove the SD card and then insert it into your device again and restart it. There are chances that the issues might get resolved.

Reboot only when necessary

Since the issues occur the most after you reboot the device, so the logical remedy has to be to avoid rebooting the device or do it only when necessary. It might be a software issue and the manufacturing company might be working on a fix as we speak. Try to decrease the number of reboots until the next update pops up.

Format SD card

It is indeed true that if you format your SD card, you can avoid these issues up to a certain extent. For formatting your SD card follow the steps mentioned below
• Go to your device’s settings.
• Now scroll down to the storage and then select SD card.
• Now, go to Options which will be located on the top corner on the right-hand side of the screen.
• Go to the Storage settings, and then tap on “Format as internal”.
• Select Erase and Format.
• Done!

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