How to fix Not Enough VRAM error on Redfall

Redfall is a popular open-world FPS game developed by Arkane Studios and it is available for gamers on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. This is definitely a fun and exciting game at its core with a lot of amazing features and gaming modes.

However, like any other game, even Redfall has a few issues. Some of the bugs and issues related to the game include incompatible build errors, stuttering, crashing, and not launching among others. Another key issue users are getting is the Not Enough VRam error.

If you are getting this error, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Not Enough VRAM error on Redfall.

Steps to fix Not Enough VRAM error on Redfall

How to fix Not Enough VRAM error on Redfall

Method 1: Check your system

First, you should ensure that your PC is capable of running this game properly. You must know that your PC has the minimum and recommended system requirements for playing Redfall smoothly. If your system doesn’t meet the requirements, then you may get a Not Enough VRAM error when playing Redfall. If this happens, then you should use one of the methods below to resolve the problem.

Method 2: Upgrade your graphics card

Try to upgrade your graphics card for meeting the recommended system requirements for enjoying the massive online games on your system smoothly.

Method 3: Update your graphics card drivers

Having an outdated version of your graphics card drivers might cause this error too. This is why you should update your graphics card drivers to the latest version. To do that, you should ensure that you visit the official website of your graphics card manufacturer before downloading it.

Method 4: Lower the graphics setting

If these methods don’t work, you should try to lower the graphics settings to fix this issue. For that, you should head over to the in-game settings menu and then lower the graphics settings like texture quality, shadow quality, and anti-aliasing. This will help in reducing the demand on your graphics card’s VRAM and help run the game smoothly.

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