How to Fix Rainbow Six Siege audio issues

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter game from Ubisoft and it features impressive gameplay, a challenging mission set, and other intriguing elements. Assuming the role of an attacker or a defender, there will be a wide range of fascinating modes. These modes include the likes of rescuing a hostage, taking control of an objective within a room, defusing a bomb, and more. Likewise, there are also solo situations that are worthy of praise.

However, what isn’t impressive about the game is that the game has a few bugs and glitches here and there, especially the one with audio issues at regular intervals.

Recently, there have been many complaints lined up regarding the mute functionality not working in the game. While the dust surrounding the audio issues has yet to settle, users have already started complaining about a new issue. There are many users raising concerns about the game being plagued with audio bugs. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to fix Rainbow Six Siege audio issues.

Methods to fix Rainbow Six Siege audio issues

Fix Rainbow Six Siege audio issues

As of now, the methods to fix audio issues only work for PS5 and it involves disabling the 3D Audio on the console. Here’s how to do that –

Method 1: Disable 3D Audio for TV on PlayStation 5

  • Head over to Settings -> Sound -> Audio Output -> TV
  • Now, disable the toggle next to Enable 3D Audio for TV speakers

Method 2: Disable 3D Audio for Headphones on PlayStation 5

  • Head over to Settings -> Sound -> Audio Output -> Headphones
  • Now, disable the toggle next to Enable 3D Audio to turn it off

Done! Disabling the 3D Audio settings on your PlayStation 5 will fix the audio bugs in Rainbow Six Siege. Coming to the official stance on this subject, the developers have been made aware of this issue and they’ve stated that it’ll be fixed with the patch version Y7S1.1. However, they haven’t exactly given out any ETA for the rollout of the fix. As and when it happens, the users will be updated accordingly.

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