How to fix Realm Royale crashing on Nintendo Switch

Realm Royale is a popular battle royale third-person shooting game that players can enjoy on different platforms like PlayStation, Xbox One, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. However, the game is giving a tough time to Nintendo Switch users as the game keeps crashing.

For such moments, users will want to know ways to fix Realm Royale crashing on Nintendo Switch. If you’re getting this issue, then this guide will be of great help to you. In this guide, you will get to know different methods to fix Realm Royale crashing on Nintendo Switch.

Users complain Realm Royale keeps crashing

Realm Royale is the spin-off of the popular game Paladins. The Nintendo Switch version of Realm Royale has been experiencing serious performance issues ever since the game was released for consoles. The affected players state that the game is crashing at random moments throughout the match.

As a result, the game is no longer playable solo or with friends. Gamers who have been enjoying the game for years and spent a fair share of money on skins and mounts find it quite frustrating that it is no longer enjoyable. The crashing issues are expected as the original game was also experiencing similar crashing issues.

How to fix Realm Royale crashing on Nintendo Switch

fix Realm Royale crashing on Nintendo Switch

As of now, the only way of fixing the crashing issue would be to install or transfer Realm Royale to Nintendo Switch’s internal drive.

You should try this tweak to check if this brings success for you or not. As for the official stance on this matter, Realm Royale’s game designer and developers have revealed that they have been working on addressing the performance issues and crashing issues on Nintendo Switch for a while. The developers are aware of this issue although they haven’t given out an official ETA for the rollout of the fix.

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