How to fix TOTW Pack Missing on EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition

Millions of gamers were eagerly awaiting the release of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition and they’ve finally been blessed. EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition comes with action-packed gameplay and the option to build fantasy teams.

However, the game isn’t perfect and there are a few issues. One of the common issues troubling the users is the TOTW Pack Missing issue.

If you are one of those users getting their experience spoiled by this issue, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix TOTW Pack Missing on EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition.

How to fix TOTW Pack Missing on EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition?

TOTW Pack Missing

As a part of EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition, you will receive 4,600 FC points such that you can put together your own Ultimate Team whether you are playing the game on consoles or the FC 24 Web App. Despite that, many players have been reporting that they haven’t got their FC points. Although there are other cases of the bonuses being unavailable, they’re much more severe. Here are some of the things missing in the EA FC 24 preorder package –

  • 4,600 FC points
  • TOTW player item
  • UCL hero player item
  • Nike Ultimate Team Campaign
  • Nike Ultimate Team Loan and Kit

FC 24 Ultimate Edition can be easily redeemed by having the retailer provide you with the codes at the point of purchase if you’re buying a physical copy of the game. Make sure that you give the game’s box another look if that is the case. As for digital copy owners, the content might have to be downloaded manually through your Xbox or PlayStation add-ons.

To fix the TOTW Pack Missing on EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition, many players claim that you’ll be able to unlock FC points by simply playing the game. According to many gamers, you can simply play a game and you will get them. Due to the game’s recent release on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, a simple regional delay could be the cause of this issue.

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