How to Forward iPhone Calls to Another Number

Smartphones are endowed with a large number of options, but the capacity to forward phone calls was available in the first phones when there was a black screen and there was no hint of cameras and the Internet. This is a very convenient and necessary function that lets you redirect an incoming or outgoing call to a specific number.

For instance, you have a number 1 and certain people call it, but there is also a number 2, which someone also calls. And to not tell everyone your second number, you can simply put a redirect from one to the other. And as soon as somebody calls number 1, the system will automatically forward it to the second one. This is one of the life cases when redirection may be required, but in fact, there are many of them.

When redirection is needed

  • A trip abroad. As a rule, incoming calls abroad also must be paid individually, and often the price is very high, so you can utilize redirection so that all incoming calls instantly get to your foreign number. But keep in mind that the price of every minute here will also not be small.
  • Business number. You can set redirection if you have a personal phone number that employees also call. And so that you are not distracted, you can redirect to the other number at a particular time, for instance, a work number. Talking about business calls, the auto receptionist will also serve as great option. It will greet the caller with the main pre-recorded information, helping you to keep in touch with your partners even if you are not able to have at some particular moment.
  • The battery is running low. This also sometimes serves as a reason for setting up redirects. If you have two devices with you and one of them will run out soon, you can forward all the calls to the second one so that all calls come here or to a business phone or a friend’s smartphone.

In general, there are a lot of options for events, so this is one of the most necessary and irreplaceable alternatives, and in case you are an iPhone owner, read below how to implement this process in a few clicks.

Types of redirects

So that you understand which option to choose, we have described for you all the possible options:

  • All calls. In this scenario, all of the calls that you will receive will be sent to a particular number, both in your region and in other areas, including from landlines.
  • The line is busy. If at the time of a call, you are holding the line, it will be forwarded. This is very convenient for companies when there is a large flow of calls to one number, but for fast processing of applications, they are sent to others.
  • The device is switched off. If your smartphone is switched off when you receive an incoming call, it will be sent to the other number. It is helpful, for example, when your phone is dead or you choose to transfer all calls to your work.
  • No reply to the call. For instance, if somebody is calling you and waited for some time while the beeps were ringing, but did not receive a reply, the call will be sent to the other number. Again, this alternative is beneficial if you forgot your smartphone at home.

How to configure a call redirection on an iPhone

It should be noted immediately that you may be charged additional funds from the operator, since redirection is possible thanks to him, even if the setup is only via iOS. We have considered all possible ways, and you can choose what suits you best.

Via iPhone settings

  1. Navigate to “Settings” on your iPhone and click on the “Phone” button.
  2. Open the “Call forwarding” section and set the slider to the “On” state.
  3. Specify the particular number for calls redirection.

As soon as the setup process is completed, another icon will appear at the top near the communication level icon, which will indicate active forwarding.

Through a mobile operator

Each mobile operator has its specific rates for call forwarding, so it is already worth considering both the price and the number of calls that can be received.

Using Continuity option

The “Continuity” function first appeared on iOS 8. The main feature of “Continuity” is as follows: an incoming call is displayed on the screens of all gadgets authorized under one Apple ID – on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and even on Mac. Therefore, the user can pick up the phone on the device that is closest to him.

You have to configure the “Continuity” redirection like this:

  1. Authorize all your Apple devices under one Apple ID.
  2. Find the “Phone” section in the “Settings” of the iPhone and go into it.
  3. Go to the subsection “Calls on Other Devices”
  4. Move the “Allow Calls on Other Devices” slider to the active position. If you stop at this stage, the iPhone will redirect calls to all other Apple-authorized Apple devices within the region of coverage of one Wi-Fi source.
  5. In the block “Allow calls to devices” (“Allow Calls On”), switch the sliders opposite those gadgets to which you think calls from your smartphone should be redirected.

Reply with a message

This solution lets you prepare several phrases in advance, which can be selected and sent in one click during an incoming call. For example, you have the phrase “I can not talk right now.” As soon as a call arrives, you can click on the appropriate button, select this answer option and an SMS with this text will be instantly sent to the caller.

To make adjustments:

  1. Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone and select “Phone”.
  2. Next, go to the “Respond with Text” section and choose the phrases that will be used for a quick response.

Now, when you receive a call, the “Message” tab will be active, and when you click on it, you will be able to choose an answer option.

So, as you can see, the Apple company has taken care of its customers so they are always in touch. The “Call Forwarding” option lets you create a backup option if it is not possible to receive a call from an iPhone, and the presence of several connection methods makes it available to any user.


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