Shang Tsung: How to Get this Antagonist in Mortal Kombat 1


Shang Tsung is the final boss in the entire Mortal Kombat game series. He is the main antagonist who is a powerful soccer along with special moves. Do you know why he is such popular, the simple reason is the ability to steal the soul of his opponent.

Alongside, Shang is known to be the master of Shapeshifting and can transform into any other character easily.

Being a Unconventional villain, Shang Tsung  seems a complex and already established character in the domain that every player gets. But as he is a demanding one you need to unlock him. For unlocking, for sure you need a dedicated missing accomplishment but that was half the pathway to unlock. Reaching out to that, here we are sharing a straight way to unlock it.

Follow these instructions to Unlock Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 1

Shang Tsung

The above paragraph is already filled with the special abilities of Shang Tsung. But alongside this, there are a few more things that players should know. Especially if we talk about moves then he can do soul-stealing, sweep Uppercut, Fireball, Shapeshifting, and more. Each move has its own purpose like one is to steal the soul of the opponent to Shoot a fireball to the opponents. Meanwhile, a great advantage for gamers is this Shang Tsung. So, without any delay let’s understand how to unlock it.

  1. Simply, Head to the Krypt Section.
  2. Then look for Shang Tsung tower.
  3. Next defeat 25 Shang Clones where each one becomes difficult as you progress.
  4. Following this, when you complete that task, you will see Shang Tsung is unlocked.
  5. That’s all, you are done.

Alternatively, you can switch to a straight thing that is to purchase Shang. You can either use In-game currency or real money to purchase from the game’s store. And once you unlock Shang the rest benefits you know here. I hope with this short guide you get all the relevant details for Shang Tsung along with the unlocking produced. If any user have a query then ask them all below.

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