How to Hard Reset Android Phone using PC?

Today smartphones have become a lifeline for almost everybody. With nearly 88% of smartphone users using Android, it is undoubtedly the leading OS in the smartphone industry.

At times, Android users might require to hard reset their phone because of various purposes. Hard resetting a phone means swiping everything in it and internally making it as it has arrived from the factory. It is therefore also known as Factory Reset.

Hard Resetting a phone is similar to formatting a PC. While you can format the Windows PC using Diskpart commands, in Android, there is a direct option to format or factory reset a device, right from the device settings itself.

However, due to several reasons, users are forced to hard reset their android phone using a computer. It might be because the device is inaccessible, locked, or stolen.

Performing the factory reset on an Android device is not complex through a computer if all the steps are taken correctly. In this post, we will discuss how to hard reset an Android phone using a PC and also learn why people are forced to reset their phones.

Why is Hard Reset performed on the Android Phone?

There could be various reasons why someone is forced to perform a hard reset on their device. The most common of them are:

When Selling or Passing the Device

It is the most common reason for factory formatting a phone. If you are passing or selling your Android device to someone, it becomes necessary to wipe out all the data so that your privacy is protected. Hard resetting is the best and the quickest way to delete every piece of personal information from your device.

To Improve the Performance

The performance of the Android phone tends to deteriorate with time because of all the junk it has collected. To tackle this problem, many users regularly perform a hard reset on their phone. A factory reset removes all the clutters and significantly improve the device’s performance.

Virus Infection

A virus infection can create havoc in the phone and ruin the workflow and user experience. Many users are forced to hard reset their devices to get rid of the virus, which is causing the trouble. Factory resetting the device can indeed be beneficial to remove hidden malicious files and apps, but it is not the only option. Viruses or other malware can also be removed using a robust antimalware solution like MalwareFox.

Solving the Device Glitches

Sometimes users can experience unexpected glitches in their Android phones like the Camera not working, WiFi or GPS not connecting, and more such. Such problems generally get fixed just by restarting the device. But if they didn’t, users are forced to factory reset the device.

When the Device is Lost

Sometimes when the device gets lost or stolen, you might require to hard reset the phone to safeguard your data from reaching the wrong hands and protect your privacy.

How to Hard Reset Android Phone using PC?

There are two ways to Hard Reset Android devices. We will discuss both the ways one by one.

Hard Reset Android Phone using Android Device Manager

The first method that we will demonstrate is the most straightforward. It is highly effective when the phone is lost or stolen, as you don’t require the device to be physically present for applying this method. You can remotely wipe out the Android device’s memory and factory reset it using Android Device Manager (ADM). There is no need to install the ADM separately as it already comes pre-installed on all Android phones, tablets, and other devices.

To use the Android Device Manager for hard reset, there are few requirements to be fulfilled.

  • Find My Device must be enabled on the Android device. To enable it, navigate to Settings->Security->Device administrators. Check whether Find My Device is active or not.
  • The device’s location must be ON.
  • The Google Account must be active on the device.
  • Internet connection should be active on the device.
  • Device can be without the SIM, but it must be powered ON to implement the process.

Here are the steps to hard reset the Android device using Android Device Manager.

  1. On your PC, visit the Android Device Manger’s website.
  2. Sign in with the same account which is active on your phone.
  3. After signing in, choose the device. You will get these three options to perform on your device.

  1. Click “Erase Device” to clear all your data from the device and factory reset it.
  2. Confirm on the prompt

  1. Sign-in again if you are asked for it.

That’s it. The above process would hard reset your Android device. The drawback is if the device is stolen and the Google Account is disabled, or it is switched off, or maybe ADM is not enabled, then this method would not work.

Hard Reset Android using Android Development Kit

The second method is to wipe-out all the device data using ADK. This method demands the following prerequisites:

  • Windows PC
  • Download and install Android Studio on the device using this link
  • A USB cable of your phone type to connect your mobile device with the computer

Follow these steps to format the phone using ADK:

  1. The first step is to enable USB Debugging on your Android device. To do that, head to Settings->Developer options->USB Debugging. If the Developer options are disabled, then navigate to Settings->General->About Phone->Common->Software info. Tap 7-8 times to enable.
  2. Install Android SDK tools. Make sure that Platform-tools and USB drivers are ticked in the SDK manager window.
  3. Ensure that Android Drivers are installed on your PC to run the Android Studio.
  4. Using the USB cable, connect the Android device to the computer. Make sure that the smartphone is recognized in Windows Device Manager.
  5. On Windows OS, launch Command Prompt with admin rights. And enter the following command in the command line window: cd C:\Users\’Your username’\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools. Replace ‘Your username’ with the name of your Windows user account.
  6. Type adb reboot recovery, and the device will restart. After this, the recovery menu will appear.
  7. You can now disconnect the device and factory reset it.

Your phone will be reset after completing the last step. You might find the steps of this method to be a little complicated, but once you begin following them, the process would ease out.

Final Words

The methods explained in this guide would help you to hard reset your device using your PC. Note that you don’t require to root your phone for clearing all its data. Before applying the factory reset, it is advised to take a backup of the device if it is possible. It will ensure that your essential files are not wiped-out in the hard reset.

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