How to Install TWRP and Root LG V20 (Disable Force Encrypt)

Steps to Install TWRP and Root LG V20 using Dirty Cow kernel exploit: LG V20 is the most underrated phone of 2016. It is one of the best smartphones ever made. It has all the high-end specs and features. The bootloader of this phone is unlockable.

Lg allows users to unlock the bootloader of LG V20 but users can’t install TWRP or any other recovery directly.LG usees a security which doesn’t allow users to modify the system of the device. But there is a great news for all LG V20 users. Now you can install TWRP recovery on LG v20.

Very special thanks to developer jcadduono over at xda for releasing a script to install TWRP recovery on LG V20 using the Dirty Cow root exploit in the kernel. Once TWRP is installed then users can easily root LG V20 by flashing the SuperSu root file.


How to Safely Install TWRP and Root LG V20 using Dirty Cow kernel exploit

  • This tutorial is only for LG V20
  • Make sure there is at least 80% battery left on your smartphone before begin rooting your device.
  • Rooting your phone can void your warranty
  • After rooting, you can tweak your phone
  • You can unroot it if you want
  • You can overclock or underclock your CPU to make your phone faster


Download dirtycow

Download recowvery-applypatch

Download recowvery-app_process64

Download recowvery-run-as

Download LG V20 TWRP recovery (.img)

How To Install TWRP and Root LG V20 using Dirty Cow kernel exploit

Root LG V20

Installing TWRP Recovery:

  • First Setup ADB and Fastboot on your computer
  • Before installing TWRP, Unlock bootloader on your LG V20. (Same method as v10)
  • Download and save first 4 files  from the download section above to a dedicated folder on your computer.
  • Then Download the latest file “LG V20 TWRP recovery .img “file from the downloads section above and transfer to your phone’s root directory.
  • Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your V20.
  • Connect your LG V20 to the PC.
  • Now open a command window on your PC inside the folder where you saved downloaded files.(Press “Shift + Right click” on any empty space inside the folder and select Open command window here from the context menu)
  • Once command window is opened, issue the following commands one-by-one
    adb push dirtycow /data/local/tmp
    adb push recowvery-applypatch /data/local/tmp
    adb push recowvery-app_process64 /data/local/tmp
    adb push recowvery-run-as /data/local/tmp
    adb shell 
    cd /data/local/tmp
    chmod 0777 *
    ./dirtycow /system/bin/applypatch recowvery-applypatch
    ./dirtycow /system/bin/app_process64 recowvery-app_process64
    adb logcat -s recowvery

    –> Once it shows successful, press CTRL+C on your keyboard.

    adb shell reboot recovery

    –>The device will reboot and recovery will be reflashed to stock.

    adb shell 

    –>>It should say permissive.

    cd /data/local/tmp
    ./dirtycow /system/bin/run-as recowvery-run-as
    run-as exec ./recowvery-applypatch boot

    –>> The recowvery patched boot image will be flashed, wait for it to complete.

    run-as su
    dd if=/sdcard/twrp-3.0.2-0-beta4-h918.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery

    –>> This will install/flash TWRP recovery to your LG V20.

  • Now TWRP recovery should be installed on your device.

Root LG V20 and Disable Force Encrypt

  • Download SuperSu
  • Now follow this guide to install SuperSu to root your LG V20.Guide [icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How To Flash SuperSU using TWRP Recovery & Root Any Android device
  • Once SuperSU is installed,go back to TWRP main menu » select Wipe » Advanced Wipe » tap on Data and then slide your finger on the Swipe to Wipe button.
    └ This will decrypt your LG V20 and DELETE all data on the device.
  • Done!!!

If you have any related questions, feel free to leave that in the comment section 🙂

Source:  Xda

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  1. Avatar of alley

    does this work with the V10?

    • Avatar of Dibyashree Sharma
      Dibyashree Sharma

      Haven’t tried so can’t confirm

  2. Avatar of Okky

    Is it possible for H990DS running oreo? or Should back to nougat first?

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      Dibyashree Sharma

      Its a very old phone. So we can’t exactly guide you with this now. But its always recommended to do root with the stock firmware the device came with.


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