How to make great Facebook video ads

The audience on Facebook is simply in love with videos. Facebook users view around 1.25 billion videos every month. This is because more and more marketers are now using Facebook ads to their advantage.

Facebook video advertisements do not just get more clicks; they also offer marketers the creative freedom to show off their brand personality and connect with the audiences emotionally.

Facebook video ads are the most effective ad formats that can instantly help marketers become more competent on the platform. But the problem is, how do you make scroll-stopping Facebook video ads? The guide below can help you with this:

Work on Creating Attractive Content

How to make great Facebook video ads

Facebook video advertisements are paid ad placements featuring videos. They appear in different predetermined positions on the Facebook screen of the visitor. Whether creating video ads from scratch or just enhancing an existing post with a video from your account, producing attractive content must be your priority.

Since Facebook auto-plays videos, you cannot take it for granted that you need not do much to capture the users’ attention. Your odds will be way better if you can get to your video ad’s main point or subject in the first three seconds. So try keeping your video ad as sweet and short as possible.

Your main objective should be grabbing the audience’s attention, and once you are successful in this, the best way of getting them to watch your ad is to narrate a great story. Try engaging the viewers with characters and plots, and there will be higher chances of the viewers watching your content right till the end.

Try Keeping Your Video Ads Short

You might not know, but there are different types of Facebook video ads allowing for around 4 hours in length. The duration makes way for a lot of testing and flexibility. But it is important to keep in mind that people tend to skip video ads easily.

So, you must bring your intended message across within a very short period. As per recommendations by Facebook itself, users must experiment with short and simple videos 15 seconds in length. And yes, when you have just one message to put across, going for the short ad format makes good sense.

Going by the studies, video engagement on Facebook begins to drop after 90 seconds. It is best to stick to 12 seconds for quick tip video topics and 1 minute for videos showing product demos.

When choosing the length of your video ad, make sure every second earns its place and retains the viewers’ attention.

Show Your Brand Message or Product as Early as Possible

Give it a second thought if you are thinking of showing the name of your product or your company logo at the end of your video advertisement. Get this from Facebook: you must hit the users with instant and faster messages.

In a study conducted by Facebook, they found that video advertisements with messaging and brand in the first 10 seconds can reach three times more effectively to the people.

So, if you want to be memorable, try showing up your brand message early in the video ad.

Ensure Your Videos Works on Mute

85% of the videos on Facebook are watched on mute. Therefore, your ad must work even when its sound is turned off. The rise of auto-play video ads has forced people to watch videos in sound-off mode. Therefore, businesses must create Facebook video ads in a manner that captures viewers’ attention with or without sound.

There are different ways of doing this. First, you can use bold graphics and titles to narrate your story with the sound off. Most of the time, you do not even require graphics or text for getting your message across. You can do this easily by telling your story using strong imagery.

Animations are visually appealing, and they work perfectly for videos on mute. Subtitles might not be the best way of making a Facebook video ad work with sound off. But if you are restricted to using different storytelling tools, add subtitles to ensure your message is loud and clear.

And do not forget to add the “tap for sound” reminder in your video ad. The users on Facebook and even other social media channels get annoyed when the videos start playing automatically. They even start thinking negatively about the brand.

So, it works to design a video ad with a “tap for sound” style while including graphics for engaging the viewers.

Get Vertical or Go Square on Mobile

Considering that 99 out of 100 people these days have smartphones in their hands, it works to assume that they use the same device to access Facebook. And that’s not bad for brands! That’s because people have a higher chance of watching videos on their smartphones than on their computers.

You can make the most out of this by creating vertical and square videos that take up the largest part of a smartphone screen. This way, you can avoid the other Facebook feed distractions when people watch your video ads.

Square videos make way for higher views, reach, and engagement, especially on mobile.

Place Your CTA Wisely

Of course, your video should have a CTA or Call to Action. Without the right CTA, it will get difficult for your video to make an impact successfully. Your CTA can be anything, from subscribing to your newsletter or buying your product to clicking through to your shop or site.

Regardless of your choice of a CTA, ensure that you make it easy to do and obvious. Try using all elements handy, including visual cues such as arrows, voiceover, and text. Make sure to guide the viewers to the perfect next step as intended.

Besides, playing around with proper CTA placement within your video ad is also very important. The rule of thumb here is placing the CTA in the middle of the ad. Try testing varied options in your ad and see those that spark desired results.

Final Thoughts

Remember to make the perfect use of Facebook video ads no matter the circumstances. Failing to do so means you will be missing out on huge resources. Since there are a large number of people spending a huge amount of time on Facebook, it just makes good sense to create top-quality Facebook video advertisements.

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