How to Roll Back Your Nothing Phone 1 from Android 13 to Android 12

Users of the Nothing Phone 1 who have upgraded to the latest beta release of Android 13-based Nothing OS 1.5 may find that the operating system is not yet fully polished, or may simply prefer the previous version. In either case, it is possible to revert the device to the stable version of Android 12 by following the instructions outlined below.


Before embarking on the downgrade process, it is crucial to bear in mind that this will completely erase all data on the phone. It is therefore advisable to back up any important files or settings. Additionally, the phone should be charged to at least 50-60% capacity and have at least 5GB of storage available.

Obtaining the Firmware:

The first step in downgrading the Nothing Phone 1 is to obtain the full Android 12 firmware. This can be downloaded from the following link: Nothing Phone 1 Firmware (Download and Installation).

Performing the Downgrade (From Nothing OS 1.5 to Nothing OS 1.1.7)

How to Roll Back Your Nothing Phone 1 from Android 13 to Android 12

Once the firmware has been downloaded, it can be installed on the phone using either the Sideload or Fastboot method. Upon completion of the installation, the Nothing Phone 1 will be downgraded to Android 12.

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Final Thoughts:

It is worth noting that this beta release of Android 13 is being offered for the purpose of gathering user feedback on any bugs or issues. If you encounter any problems during the downgrade process, or have any other questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below.

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