How to setup an eSIM on iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in the US


An eSIM is essentially a built-in programmable identity module that is placed into the iPhone itself. It’s just like a hard-wired SIM but needs to be provisioned by the networks which should also upgrade their own systems to accommodate their use. Just like a physical SIM card, an eSIM carries a 17-digit code showing your country of origin, unique user ID, and carrier. Apple’s decision to switch to eSIM is fine if your carrier is supporting the technology but the decision to make it mandatory can prove to be challenging for a small number of US customers whose carriers don’t. In this guide, you’ll get to know how you can set up an eSIM on your iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in the US.

How to set up an eSIM on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro

Setting up your eSIM is just a matter of turning on your new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro and following the onscreen instructions. You can activate your eSIM when you’re setting up your iPhone if the carrier supports eSIM Carrier Activation or eSIM Quick Transfer. With the eSIM Carrier activated, your carrier will assign an eSIM to your iPhone when you purchase it. With eSIM Quick Transfer, you should transfer the SIM from your previous iPhone to your new one without contacting your carrier. With either method, you can activate your eSIM during setup, you should turn on your iPhone and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can even use the options later for adding or transferring an eSIM. If these options are not available, contact your carrier to activate the eSIM using a QR code or your carrier’s iPhone app. If you’ve bought an iPhone 14 model in the US, your iPhone activates with an eSIM. For activating your eSIM using eSIM Carrier Activation, eSIM Quick Transfer, or any other activation method, you should turn on your iPhone and follow the onscreen instructions.

How to use eSIM Carrier Activation on your iPhone

setup an eSIM on iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in the US
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If you’ve contacted your carrier for an eSIM after setting up your iPhone and they’re setting up eSIM Carrier Activation, you should follow these steps.

  1. When a notification appears to state Carrier Cellular Plan Ready to Be Installed, you should tap on it
  2. In the Settings app, you should tap Carrier Cellular Plan Ready to Be Installed
  3. Tap Continue located at the bottom of the screen
  4. Make a call on your iPhone for checking its cellular connectivity, in case you cannot make a call, you should contact your carrier
  5. If the plan you’ve activated replaces the plan on your physical SIM, you should remove the physical SIM
  6. Restart your iPhone


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