How to Track a Samsung Phone

4 Best Ways to Track the Location of A Samsung Phone

Have you lost your Samsung mobile and are struggling to get it back? Well, if this had happened several years back, it would have been impossible to find your phone. However, nowadays, there is more than one way to find your lost Samsung device.

You may also want to pinpoint the location of someone else’s Samsung phone. This can be for many reasons, for a parent it might be to ensure that their kids are in a safe location, for partners it might be to make sure that they are not being cheated on, and for employers it might be to keep a check on their employees’ whereabouts during their working hours. No matter what your reason is, below are a few ways that tell you about how to track a Samsung phone for free.

Of course, these free methods we are going to introduce have their limitations which will be mentioned at the following part. If you want to find a tool to track someone’s Android phone in real time without the limitation of mobile phone brands, you can directly check the post on how to track a phone online.

1. Find Someone’s Samsung Phone Using Find My Device

Find My Device service is available for every Android device including a Samsung phone. You need to have enabled the location access for Find My Device on your Samsung phone to make use of this feature. Follow the steps given below to know how to track a Samsung phone remotely using Find My Device.

Before using this method to find the phone, two things you need to make sure is that the phone you find was turned on the location and you remembered the Google account of the target phone. If you’re not sure about these two conditions, I suggest you use Method 3 or 4 in this article.

Step 1: From any Android device, navigate to

Step 2: Login using the details of the account that is logged in on your Samsung phone.

Step 3: Select the Samsung phone from the list of devices under the same account.

Step 4: If you had earlier switched on the location on your Samsung phone, you can see its location now on the map.

name: find-my-device.jpg

alt: find my device

This is how easy it is to find your Samsung device or find the location of someone else’s Samsung phone using Find My Device.

2. Retrieve Samsung Data via Find My Mobile

Samsung has its own inbuilt feature called Find My Mobile using which you can know the location of the phone easily. This feature helps a user find their phone in case they lose it or it gets stolen. For this feature to work, you need to enable Find My Mobile feature on your phone. If you have done this already, you can follow the steps given below to know how to track a Samsung Galaxy phone using Find My Mobile.

Find My Mobile is similar to Find My Device, while Find My Mobile is using the Samsung account to find the target phone. You can choose the way according to your situation.

Step 1: From any Samsung, visit

Step 2: Sign in using the login credentials of the account that is active on the lost/stolen Samsung phone.

Step 3: Select the Samsung phone you wish to access from the given list of devices.

Step 4: The location of the selected phone will then be displayed on the map.

name: find-my-mobile.jpg

alt: find my mobile

Apart from the location of the phone, you can even lock the phone, make it ring loudly, erase all the data on it, unlock the phone, and retrieve the text messages and call details on the Samsung phone.

Just like the previous method, this method would only work if you have previously turned on the location for the Samsung phone.

3. Track Phone’s Location by Target’s Telephone Number

Since both the above methods need the location to be turned on, you will have to explore some other options to track the location of the target’s Samsung phone location. You can even know the location of the target phone by using their phone number.

Many online portals offer the service of letting you know the location of a Samsung phone by keying in the phone number. All you have to do is enter the phone number and hit enter. After which the location of the phone would be shown to you.

However, this method is not very accurate. The location shown through this way cannot be trusted. Also, some of these online portals are scams and they collect your information this way and use it inappropriately.

4. Track Samsung Phone Using KidsGuard Pro for Android

As you must have noted above, the methods discussed earlier are not effective in all probable situations. If you wish to overcome the limitations of the above methods, you can use KidsGuard Pro instead. This app comes with great features that allow you to track someone’s phone location easily.


  • Track real-time location.
  • Pinpoint on the map the site of target’s device.
  • Set virtual boundaries using Geofencing.
  • Access phone location history.
  • Know the timestamp for each location.


  • Stays hidden on the target device.
  • Takes less than 3 minutes to install.
  • Gives accurate real-time location of the target device.
  • Makes remote location tracking possible.
  • All the location details of the target device get updated in real-time.

After you know the basic functions of KidsGuard Pro for Android, why don’t you click demo try it out? I believe you will find out more amazing features in this tool.

Steps to track Samsung phone using KidsGuard Pro

Here are the steps to know how to track the location of a Samsung phone using KidsGuard Pro.

Step 1: Use your valid email address to create a KidsGuard Pro account and select a suitable plan.

download app

Step 2: Make all the necessary settings changes on the target phone and install the app on it. The instruction on the website will guide you to hide the application on the target phone.

Step 3: Use any other device to login to the online dashboard of KidsGuard Pro, select location from the options available on the left, and then you can view the location as well as the location history of the target phone.

Are you still hesitating about how to install it? You can go to the official guide or more detailed information.

With just these three simple steps you can easily track a Samsung phone location using the KidsGuard Pro app. Only install it once, you don’t have to worry about losing your phone and you may protect your child’s travel safety.


Is it possible to track a Samsung phone? If you ever find yourself in a situation wherein you have to track the location of your phone or someone else’s phone, you can use the methods given above. Out of all the above methods, KidsGuard Pro is the best choice, if you want to track the location of the target phone more accurately and time-efficiently. This is a highly recommended app that comes with superior location tracking features.


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