How to turn on Haier TV without using a Remote


Remote Controls play a key role for a lot of devices. When talking about the devices at home, the most important device that you’ll need a remote for is the smart TV. Of course, the most basic reason to have a TV remote will be to switch it on or off. However, some users are struggling to turn on Haier TV with their remotes.

If you’re not able to turn on Haier TV, then you might be looking for alternative options. If so, then this guide is ideal for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to turn on Haier TV without using a Remote.

Steps to turn on Haier TV without using a Remote

Method 1: Use the buttons

All smart TVs, whether they’re smart or not, will come with their own set of buttons. These buttons are present on the left or right side of the TV panel. Some smart TVs also have buttons on the underside panel. If you’re not able to turn on Haier TV with a remote, you need to check the buttons and use the appropriate button to switch it on.

Method 2: Use a Universal Remote Control

How to turn on Haier TV without using a Remote

If you own a smart TV, you’ll have the option to choose between the original remote supplied by the OEM or get one of those fancy all-in-one remotes. Known as a Universal Remote Control, it is a remote control that works with all TVs out there. There are a variety of universal remote controls available such as GE, Onn, Magnavox, Phillips, and RCA. Programming these remotes is simple and easy. All that you’ll need to do is enter a code needed to pair the remote to your particular smart TV.

Method 3: Use an Android smartphone with an IR Blaster

Numerous Android smartphones out there come with an IR Blaster built into them. If your smartphone has an IR Blaster, you can easily download one of the many apps designed to be used on a smart TV. Install the app, select the device that you’re looking to control, and choose your Haier TV model. The app will be able to control and switch your Haier TV on and off easily.

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