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How to Use ADB Sideload to Install ROMs and Mods On Android (2018)?

A very simple and easy guide to Use ADB Sideload to Install ROMs and Mods On Android (2018): Android SDK is a set of tools that are instrumental in the development of Android applications. One of such a tool is ADB which ensures a smooth flow of data between your computer and Android device. To use the tool for your Android device, you need to enable USB Debugging.

To enable that, you have to activate the Developer Options by tapping on the Build Number seven times consecutively from Settings> About Phone.The USB debugging options make a port accessible from ADB to Android device. Android 4.3.1 Jellybean introduced a new mode wit ADB called Sideload Mode.

ADB Sideload is used to install Zip files using the command line of ADB so that ROMs and Mods can be installed as per requirements. There are various ways to install ROMs on your device, but Sideload mode is the best option if your device contains only the internal memory and the device is bricked. The following is a guide on how to use ADB Sideload to install ROMs and Mods in Android.


  • Your smartphone must have at least 70% charge.
  • You need a computer and a USB cable.
  • Install the latest USB driver of your device on your computer.
  • Download adb fast.
  • Take a complete backup of your device data.


We at rootmygalaxy, will not be responsible for any damage that can occur to your device while executive the following steps wrongly. Therefore you should proceed at your own risk.

Steps To Sideload ROMs and Mods Using ADB Sideload

Step 1. Go to Settings> Developer Option and enable USB debugging option.

enable USB Debugging On Android Oreo

Step 2. Download and extract ADB Fastboot Zip file from the download section above

Step 3. Connect your phone to your computer using USB cable.

Step 4. Go to extracted ADB Fastboot folder, press Shift key and Right click on the empty space inside the folder and select the option “Open Command Window or power shell window Here”

Step 5. Type the following command when the command window opens.

adb devices

If a pop-up comes to ask up to enable USB debugging, click OK.

Step 7. Type the following command to reboot your device into the recovery mode.

Step 8. When your device opens in the recovery mode, open ADB Sideload option.

  • In TWRP recovery, you have to go to Advanced>ADB Sideload.
  • In CWM recovery, you have to go to Install> Install Zip from Sideload.

Step 9. Coming back to your computer, move the Zip file to the ADB Fastboot that you want sideload to your device.

Step 10. Then execute the following command

adb sideload

Wait for the installation to complete and then reboot your device normally.

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