How you can exit Qualcomm Crash Dump Mode on OnePlus devices

OnePlus devices have long been the most active ones when it comes to custom development – be it installing a custom recovery or flashing custom ROMs. However, there are certain tweaks that can sometimes spell trouble for you. If you’re flashing an incorrect custom file or flashing the correct file but to the incorrect partition, it could harm your device.

There are users who complain that their device has ended up in Crash Dump Mode because they didn’t take the right steps. For such users, trying to flash firmware could prove to be a challenging task. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to exit Crash Dump Mode on OnePlus handsets.

How to exit the Crash Dump Mode on OnePlus devices

Assuming that your smartphone is on the Qualcomm Crash Dump Mode screen, all you’ll need to do is press and hold the Power + Volume Up keys simultaneously for about 8-10 seconds. Once you get the boot animation, you should let go of both buttons.

Your device will automatically boot to the OS. Likewise, the data present on the device will stay intact as well.

How you can exit Qualcomm Crash Dump Mode on OnePlus devices

This tweak will only work if you’ve not carried out any drastic modifications to your device. For instance, say that your device is stuck in the Crash Dump Mode after you tried out a GSI ROM via the DSU Loader option. However, you might not have unlocked the bootloader as it wasn’t mentioned explicitly in the Developer Mode screen.

The issue with the DSU loader is that it’ll create its own partition for the GSI to load and the system partition would be intact. You should then carry out the aforementioned tweak and you’ll be able to boot your device to the OS. There could be a wide variety of other reasons as well when you may end up facing the Crash Dump Mode issue.

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