iGaming SEO Campaign: How To Increase Traffic On Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign. It covers a lot of different aspects, including link-building, keywords usage, technical optimization, and so on. But while it’s pretty easy to understand that SEO is needed, it’s hard to come up with particular algorithms that should be used for your business.

In the world of online casinos, the competition is huge, with new projects surfacing on the market each day. No wonder, as the industry offers big profits to those who know how to build a gambling business. But even the most experienced casino owners don’t always succeed, as digital marketing is an intricate and demanding process, especially when it comes to effective iGaming SEO tactics.

Another challenge of the market lies in the basics of gambling. This means that people can’t immediately trust a random site enough to spend money there, even if the ads promise huge bonuses and high chances to win. So, an online casino promotion must not only attract a lot of traffic to the project but also show customers that it’s safe to play there. There are a lot of ways to do that, and most of them are based on simple digital marketing aspects.

So, here’s a list of some tips on how to increase the traffic on your online casino project.

Original Content

Many websites on the Internet share a common mistake that brings them down in the end. It’s the lack of original content. Instead of creating something unique, they fill their projects with either stolen, empty and useless data, pictures, features, and so on. Of course, this helps to bring traffic in some cases, but after the users find out that the website can’t offer anything useful, the value of it disappears.

Think of original content as your foundation. It’s not only a worthy traffic attractor on its own, but a very important part of many different marketing and SEO techniques. First of all, it raises the reputation of your project, because everyone loves when something new and genuine appears on the market. And when it’s an industry like online gambling, original content is often neglected, making it a perfect opportunity for new casinos.

Secondly, it provides your business with free advertising. How? Again, originality and creativity are not that common in this market, so when the users recognize a worthy new project, they are likely to share it with each other and maybe even attract the non-gamblers.

Multi-Language Approach

A big number of gambling websites offer customers to use it in a single, or maximum in two languages. These are usually English, and the one of the country where the project originates from. Logically enough, this limits the pool of customers to only those who speak those.

A wiser approach is to plan to add multiple different languages from the very beginning. Starting with the interface of the website, games, and ending in the posts, news, and social media interactions. This will not positively affect the traffic, but will also help to target particular countries or regions more effectively.

Of course, this requires a lot more effort and resources. But the number of benefits and opportunities it brings is absolutely worth it. Here’s a list of the most recommended languages to use (except for English):

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • German
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Polish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

There isn’t a need to use them all at once, but the more you add, the more local markets will be opened for you.


Everyone knows what keywords are used for today. So what else can we learn about them? Well, the first thing one needs to keep in mind is to not overuse them. Many marketers tend to rely on keywords only and end up stuffing them everywhere. They forget that the first rule of using keywords is naturally inserting them into the text, and the content ends up being unreadable.

Also, the search engines can detect that too and will less likely put the website on the first results page. That, obviously, has a huge negative impact on the traffic and can lower the reputation of the project too, which is very important for an online casino.

Another thing that is sometimes neglected is the branded keywords. These are just like the usual ones, but with the addition of your brand’s name. If used the right way, they have a big impact on SEO and make the brand’s name much more recognizable on the web.

Last but not least, long-tailed keywords exist too. Why would you use something like “how do online casinos work” as a keyword instead of “play poker online”? The answer is very simple – competition. The most obvious and logical keywords are always the most commonly used ones. And that means that the chance to gain any traffic from them is low.

More specific and long phrases are not as common, but they are much more effective and in most cases bring traffic of a higher quality.

Blog and Social Media Posts

Posting regularly on the site’s blog and social media is a great way to increase traffic and connect with your customers. First of all, it works as an SEO technique on its own, helping the project to appear in search results more often. It also serves as a base for keywords and link insertion.

Secondly, customers love when businesses post interesting content. It can be simple things like regular updates and news, or more complicated information about the project. It’s also a great idea to post infographics, diagrams, and so on, because most people are visual learners, meaning that such content is more valuable to them.

Don’t forget about the importance of social media as a marketing platform too. In modern realities, businesses that don’t have social media pages simply don’t exist to most people. Duplicate your posts from the blog, or provide something more unique, like creative articles, polls, or even giveaways. And don’t forget to answer the messages and comments. Users love it when companies interact with them directly.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile SEO is a pretty intricate thing, especially when it comes to the gambling industry. The first thing you need to realize is whether your online casino will have a native or hybrid app. Or maybe you don’t care about mobile platforms at all? Hint: native apps are the best option, as they provide users with easy and convenient access to your casino from anywhere.

But even if you have a hybrid app – it’s alright, as long as you show mobile users that you care about them. Because the number of mobile gamblers rises dramatically with each day, and neglecting such a huge portion of traffic isn’t the wisest thing to do. But you should also remember that a mobile app will require additional marketing too, so be prepared to put extra investments into it.

To Sum It Up

As you can see, most of these aspects are based on the simplest concepts and techniques. It’s just all about balance and quality – using keywords too often, making too many unnecessary posts, being too casual in replies, or neglecting technical SEO, all these lead to poor attractiveness and the quality of traffic. So, remember about the basics, but don’t hesitate to take risks when it’s needed. Good luck!


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