ImgInn review: is it worth your time?

Avid Instagram users often come across ImgInn. While some actively use the service, others still doubt its effectiveness and reliability. And their concerns are understandable since any third-party app should be treated with caution. What’s more, ImgInn is used to access Instagram content and download it, so you must be sure that all your data and provided information is securely protected. This is the first thing to do before entering the site. And you can learn the full info about is Imginn safe at – their experts have long tested the service and its features and are ready to provide you with all the crucial information about the platform. Meanwhile, we’re going to consider how to use the site and identify what benefits or drawbacks ImgInn has.

What is ImgInn?

ImgInn review: is it worth your time?

Imginn is an internet-based platform that allows users to view Instagram highlights and download content from the social network both from PC and mobile devices. Its prominent feature involves anonymous access since the website doesn’t require you to sign up for your Instagram account. Thus, you can watch other people’s videos and photos without letting them know about it. Such a spying option is offered for free, there are no charges or fee-based subscriptions.

Easy steps to use ImgInn

ImgInn is publicly available on the web, so you don’t have to Qdownload the app to use it. At the same time, your device doesn’t matter since the website operates equally well on PC and Android or iPhone. So how to get started? The process is straightforward and truly easy. Follow the steps specified below:

  1. Launch the web browser on the device you use
  2. Enter “imginn” in the search bar and open the first offered link or click on
  3. Once the site loads, you get to its home page. The interface is as simple as possible, so you see the very name of the service and the search bar
  4. Type in the desired Insta link or tag -> tap the search icon or hit Enter
  5. In case you want not just watch but also download files, click on an image or video and hit the “Download” button right below it
  6. Further instructions are clear – just save the file in your preferred folder and get back to browsing the content

What advantages ImgInn offers

ImgInn is rapidly gaining in popularity. You already know the reasons why people use it, but will the service benefit you? Is it worth your time? Or maybe it’s better to opt for its alternatives? Let’s consider the perks of ImgInn so you can make a reasonable decision.

  • Ability to watch Instagram posts of other people anonymously
  • No need to log into your Instagram account
  • No registration and fees
  • No ads
  • The service allows downloading media files in the highest quality
  • Advanced search by name, tags, and links
  • Opportunity to read comments on photos or videos

Obvious disadvantages of ImgInn

Not everything is so great about ImgInn. Perhaps the same can be said about any online service of this type, but you still should know about all the pitfalls in advance. So these are the main disadvantages and limitations of ImgInn:

  • You can’t see likes on photos and videos
  • Inability to view private accounts
  • Privacy concerns

Potential ImgInn issues you may face and how to fix them

Although ImgInn is relatively stable and features the simplest functionality, this doesn’t save the service from various bugs and glitches. And users feel really disappointed being deprived of the opportunity to download the photos or videos they like or watch profiles leaving no traces. So these are the troubles that may await you at one time or another:

  • Site not loading
  • Search button not working
  • Download doesn’t start
  • Problems while saving media files
  • Video playback issues
  • Broken images/videos
  • Security issues

These problems don’t allow you to experience all the benefits of the service and use it as intended. Luckily, you can fix them all or any other issues in just 3 simple steps, even without any technical skills. Howly experts will do it for you in several minutes! This is how to get instant help online:

  1. Open from your browser (Mac, PC, Android, iOS – doesn’t matter)
  2. Spot the chat window and type your question
  3. Tap Ask an Expert

That’s all. You’ll be instantly matched with a certified specialist who will start fixing your issue right away. You’re unlimited in your consultation time and questions. Responsive Howly experts are there for you as long as you need, 24/7!


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