How to Install LineageOS using Heimdall on Samsung Phones

In this guide, I will explain how to use the Heimdall tool to install LineageOS on your Samsung device. Here I will be including instructions for setting up drivers and flashing recovery.

Samsung’s own One UI skin is one of the most customizable Android skin out there, so many Samsung galaxy users don’t usually go for Custom ROMs. Samsung makes it hard to unlock the bootloader. But some people still want their Samsung phones to look different or be cleaner. Custom ROMs are a good way to do this. There are many good ones, like PixelOS, EvolutionX, and CrDroid. But most people like LineageOS the best. Why? Because LineageOS makes your phone fast and clean without extra apps you don’t need.

Many developers also like it because they use its source code to make their own versions. Installing LineageOS is usually easy, you just flash its recovery and then sideload the ZIP file.

To make changes on Samsung devices, we need the Odin tool. If you have an older Samsung device, you’ll need to use Heimdall, which can be a little more tricky. Don’t worry, this article will follow you through the installation and recovery of LineageOS utilizing Heimdall, making the procedure much easier.

Steps to Install LineageOS via Heimdall On Samsung Galaxy Phones

Install LineageOS using Heimdall on Samsung Phones

1. Set up Heimdall

2. Install libusb Driver

  • Boot your Samsung device into Download Mode
  • Install libusb driver using zadig.exe in Heimdall folder
  • Select ‘USB ID 04E8 685D’ and replace driver
  • Run heimdall print-pit to verify Heimdall is working

3. Flash LineageOS Recovery

  • Download LineageOS recovery .img for your device model
  • Place it in Heimdall folder and run: heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img --no-reboot
  • Boot into Recovery Mode (Similar for all samsung devices , newer ones)

4. Install LineageOS ROM

Android SDK Platform Tools
Android SDK Platform Tools
  • Then Open command prompt on that folder by typing CMD in the address bar.
Type CMD in the status bar windows
Type CMD in the status bar windows
  • In Platform Tools folder, run adb sideload to sideload ROM

Adb sideload zip file with windows CMD

  • Your device will boot into fresh LineageOS!

So this is how you can flash or install the Lineage OS custom ROM on your Samsung smartphone. If you need any help you can ask that in the comment section down below and I will be happy to help.

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