Is Roblox officially shutting down or are they just rumors?

Every couple of years people on the internet start panicking after word about Roblox shutting down. The year is now 2022 and Roblox has more players than ever getting constant updates and new additions but the story is still the same, people are debating whether or not Roblox is shutting down. The Roblox Blog is still being updated with a lot of predictions and targets going well into 2022, which shows how far the developers plan on taking the platform. Moreover, the Roblox Twitter account has stated that Roblox isn’t planning on shutting down and there are several updates expected on the platform throughout 2022.

Why is there talk of Roblox shutting down?

There have been a lot of rumors talking about the potential of Roblox shutting down – from things like not having enough money to invest in servers to overpopulation to RIP Roblox comments appearing on threads all over the internet. Although individual games might stop getting new updates or get removed by developers, Roblox as a platform doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

It all started with the website React 2424, a website that allows people to post fake news and pranks. Some users posted a news post that Roblox will be shutting down and a lot of Roblox enthusiasts believed it to be real instead of scrolling down to the bottom and noticing the disclaimer that “This is an Entertainment website and the users create the articles. These are jokes and fictional. It should not be taken seriously or as a source of information”.

Roblox’s situation is better than ever before

Is Roblox officially shutting down or are they just rumors?

Currently, there are no plans regarding Roblox shutting any time soon. In fact, the site has been growing tremendously in numbers, with 2021 being the biggest year for Roblox to date. The platform was able to get a record number of users and payouts for content creators. Moreover, they had more than 200 million monthly active users and the revenue hit a record of almost £1.6 billion. There’s simply no way that Roblox would be shutting down such a profitable platform that is growing and getting more attention than ever.

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