June 2024 security patch released for Samsung Galaxy A52s

The Samsung Galaxy A52s has joined the list of devices to get the latest security update. The new update for the Galaxy A52s adds the June 2024 security patch.

Just like previous security patches, the main intent of the update is to make the phone safer and more stable. It uses One UI build version A528BXXS8GXEA. It is starting in Europe.

The June 2024 patch fixes 37 big vulnerabilities in Android and 22 issues in Samsung’s software. Along with the bug fixes, the update also optimises the performance and stability of the device.

Galaxy A52s
Galaxy A52s | Pic: Samsung

This update is starting now in Europe, but it may take a few hours or days to reach everyone. If you get a notification about it, you should update your phone soon.

If you got the update notification, you can update it directly by clicking on the notification, or you can manually check for the update by going to Settings. Then, software updates. Tap on Download and Install. The update will show up on the screen.

We have a detailed manual flasing guide as well for those who are okay with it. But still, we recommend users wait for the update to come to their devices and install it via the settings apps.

Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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