Koogeek 2 Pack Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug Short Review and Best Deal

Koogeek 2 Pack Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug Short Review and Best Deal: Koogeek Smart Plug is an extremely handy Wi-Fi enabled smart wall plug which works wonderfully well for Apple Homekit as well as Amazon’s Alexa. Using Koogeek Smart Plug, you get the option to remotely control and monitor the connected device on your smartphone by using the Koogeek Home App. This app is available on App Store as well as Google Play.

You can even ask Siri or the Google Assistant and monitor the device. You can use Amazon Eche and Google Home to control any connected device by asking Alexa, or even the Google Assistant. For Apple devices, you can set timers, control multiple HomeKit-enabled accessories, monitor power consumption, and automate your accessories.

Koogeek 2 Pack Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug, A Worth $56 Small Product

Koogeek 2 Pack Wifi Plug

  • System Requirements

    • You must have Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz Only) at home
    • Koogeek Home App must be downloaded on your smartphone
    • WPA or WPA2 Network Security
    • For controlling this product on your Android devices, Android 4.3 or later is recommended
    • For controlling this product on your Apple devices, iOS 9.1 or later is recommended
    • For controlling this product on your Alexia using your voice, an Alexa product is required
    • If you want to set up automation and user permissions for a HomeKit-enabled accessory with your iOS device, you must have an Apple TV with tvOS 10.1 or later, or an iPad with iOS 10.1 or later to set up as a home hub
  • Features

    • Simple Setup – This device can be setup very easily within a matter of minutes as you do not require any hub. While configuring this device, you must use the Koogeek Home App for connecting this product to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.
    • Easily compatible with Android and iOS devices – You can easily use the Koogeek Home App (Apple Home App) and Siri on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, or even Apple Watch. You can even control it using the Android app for Koogeek Home. It is also easily compatible with Alexa so you can use the Amazon Echo service for controlling connected accessories.
    • Easy control using voice recognition – The Koogeek Smart Plug works really well even when using voice control. You can use your voice to ask Google Home, Siri, or even Amazon Echo for turning it on or off. You can give simple instructions and they will be completed seamlessly. For example

Koogeek 2 Siri, Alexa and Google home

“Hey Siri, turn off the fan.”

“Hey Alexa, turn on the fan.”

  • Sync and share across devices – Once you have successfully configured Alexa or connected to the Google Assistant, you can use the ON/OFF status and control the connected devices which will be synced and shared across the iOS and Android devices.
  • Monitor Power Consumption – Using this feature, any iOS device user can easily check whether the Smart Plug is in use and then monitor the real-time electric power consumption either daily or monthly.
  • Automate the HomeKit-enabled Accessories – Using the Koogeek Home app and a common Wi-Fi network, even without a home hub, you can easily automate the connected devices or scenes for turning off or on via triggers such as sensor detection, time of the day, and action of a HomeKit accessory.

An Apple user can set up their Apple TV 4K (tv 10.1 or later) or their iPad (iOS 10.1 or later) as a home hub so that you can remotely control the HomeKit accessories whenever you have access to the internet. You can also grant access permissions to those whom you trust and automate the connected devices according to the triggers.

  • Schedule ON/OFF and automate your Home – You can set custom schedules ad timers for particular devices. At that specific time, automatically the devices which were selected will get turned on/off.


Koogeek 2 Review and App

The Koogeek Smart Plug is an extremely efficient and highly advanced device which is capable of lighting up even the dullest of homes. It is really easy to use and provides an abundance of exciting features which can be availed by anyone who knows how to use it properly. Additionally, it is compatible with multiple platforms which is one of the best features of it.

If you are interested in purchasing this device, then this product is available at Its usual price is $139.98 but there is a current discount of 60% after which you can get it for as less as $56.29.

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