Learn Mobile Apps Development: Best Online Courses for Students 2022

Today, people are relying on their smartphones more than before. Whether listening to music, shopping, learning, traveling, transacting business, or gaming, apps are becoming necessary.

The question you may ask yourself is how those apps came to be. Many of those apps were developed by people who started by gaining skills. It is possible to acquire those skills by taking online courses. Let’s explore the best online courses you can consider in 2022.

Digital world keeps growing, and so does the use of smartphones. This means learning mobile app development has bright prospects, so students should take a good course to enroll in 2022.

Understanding mobile app development

Mobile application development entails creating applications that operate on a mobile device. A typical app uses a network connection to integrate with remote resources. So the development process is all about creating software bundles such as assets, binaries, and codes. It also entails implementing technical backend services such as app testing and data access.

Mobile app development is becoming popular today as more and more people use their phones to do almost everything. Users are looking for apps with the best UX/UX design for enhanced experiences.

Online studying can help students to gain skills in development while within or outside the campus. When taking a course, they can get online help with difficult assignments. Students will dedicate more time learning about mobile app development as they prepare for an exam. They can combine development with their regular college studies. The best way to do so is to buy assignment by Writix online and save extra time to learn more about UI/UX Design, for example, to be able not only to develop backend parts of mobile applications but also to take part in design idea generation. The professionals will ensure good grades for you. They have enough knowledge of different subjects and can write assignments to impress teachers.

EDX course by Curtin University

If you are looking to build your first IOS app, Curtin University’s EDX course is the way to go. This is a complete course that uses Swift version 4 to create an IOS app from scratch. This does not require any prior programming experience, so it’s good for beginners. Here, you will cover seven comprehensive modules and complete them in about eight weeks.

By the end of it, you will have an understanding of:

  • How to use the apple developer tools such as Interface Builder, Documentation Browser, and XCode.
  • How to use the Swift programming language
  • The basics of development and coding
  • How to use industry jargon to communicate with IOS developers.
  • How to design and develop the basics of IOS app development and the process of loading it to the App Store.

Mobile apps for user experience by Future Learn

This is one of the best online programs for students. The developers should develop apps and ensure that they meet user experience. This is what the online course from Future Learn promises to deliver. The program was originally developed by the Institute of Coding at the University of Leeds. It is ideal for people with some digital skills and those looking to make further improvements.

One of the primary objectives of this course is to produce and test clickable prototypes. It also aims to identify the features of smartphones that impact the app design. After taking the course, learners will be able to design architecture and screens using their smartphones. It also helps the learners to understand how interactive and visual features enhance user experience.

This free online app development course takes over two weeks to complete. The University of Leeds offers learners a free upgrade, making the course popular. The learners will have unlimited access to videos, quizzes, articles, peer reviews, and course tests. After completing the program, the learner is awarded a free PDF certificate of achievement.

App inventor by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This mobile app development program is offered via Coursera. This is a great course for beginners looking to use App Inventor. The expert lecturer who facilitates this course is Kenneth WT Leung. Leung has mentored nearly 23,000 students. The course features 75 readings, 43 video lectures, and 49 quizzes. This is what makes it a complete offering of the time.

In this course, students learn application coding, the basics of MIT App Inventor, and Drawing and programming basics. They also learn the Alarm Clock application, filing, device location, web browsing, and game creation.

Learners can take the program in audit mode free of charge and get a certificate at a fee. The instruction quality and user experience are excellent. One of the major drawbacks of this course is that the certification forms part of Coursera’s paid program.

Alison’s iPhone App Development course

Alison offers yet another online course in mobile app development. The course is offered through Stanford University. It introduces students to the Mac OS X levels, including the Core OS level. The media level and the Cocoa Touch level also form part of the program.

Students can learn how to create customer-suitable apps wherever they are. They learn the implementation of Objective-C and also how to develop apps using the built-in accelerator. After completing the final assessment and scoring over 80 points, learners can acquire a free learner achievement verification. Those who choose a verification will have to buy it at the end of the course.

Introductory to Flutter development

This course is offered by App Brewery and the Google Flutter team. It features a complete Flutter Bootcamp that takes 11 hours. Students learn everything they need to know to start working with Flutter. They also learn the basics of creating software applications for Android and IOS using Dart.

The Flutter development course features an entertaining and engaging video tutorial and is entirely free. All the learners need is to complete the lessons up to at least 90% to get a downloadable certificate. The course allows students to learn how to develop mobile applications and extensions within 11 hours. The problem is that it is limited to the Flutter app development platform.


Whether the above courses are complex or not depends on the individual. People interested in design, development, and coding should find the courses easy to master. Most of the above courses are perfect for beginners learning about the app development industry. Learners don’t need to invest so much in these courses.

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