[Status] LG G6 Official Android 8.0 Update | When It Will Come?

Updated 21 August 2018 – Google has launched the final version of Android 8.0 which is named Android Oreo. LG G6 one of the leading South Korean Manufactures of smartphones that come with Nougat pre-installed. This is the Android 7.0 version of Android that was released in 2016.

Android 8.0 O is also around the corner. And not to worry your device is Android 8.0 Compatible. As it comes with pre-installed Nougat upgrading it to Android 8.0 Oreo should not be a challenge. LG, as we all know, is a family name that people trust with. The brand has kept itself up to date with the changes that are constantly happening with the players growing in the smartphones arena.

LG G6 is equipped with Google Assistant and Android Nougat from launch. Google Assistant is the successor of ‘OK Google‘. This assistant offers you voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control. Basically, it combines features of Apple’s Siri and Android’s OK Google.

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[icon name=”bell-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Status: Android Oreo 8.0 is now available for Pixel and Nexus Devices and will be available For LG G6 by December 2018 (Initial release)[/symple_box]


All of you who have been using Android for quite some time now would be aware that google smartly pulls out relevant data. It knows your favorite dish, sports you like, books you read. Basically, a partner, who knows about your choices, bet at times it even does a better job.

Android Oreo For LG G6 Features

  1. Auto sizing Text View – Android 8.0 lets the size of your text adjust to the text view. That means you no longer need to drag fingers all over your screen to do the adjustments.
  2. Wi-Fi Aware – This uses what is called as the NAN (Neighbor Awareness Networking). As the name suggests it lets you detect the nearby devices and communicate over Wi-Fi without an Internet access point.
  3. Smart Sharing – It provides you personalized sharing preferences. Let’s say you click the picture of a book it will suggest you the websites from where it can be purchased. Handy isn’t it.
  4. Better Management of data – We all have suffered from this in our phones. When the phone starts lagging or the screen blinks with a message ‘Clear Memory’. We all run to clear our apps data. This has now been taken care by allocating storage quota to all your apps. Once the memory starts piling up, the apps that exceed the data beyond their quota their cache will automatically get cleared.
  5. Background Limits – You might have observed that searching for GPS pops up most of the times you run any application for example MakeMyTrip. This will no longer be a problem as you can give priority based listing on restricting the app from running in the background unless you don’t specify.
  6. Autofill Framework – The google chrome browser’s ability to autofill the forms have now been connected with your android apps. Let’s say you log in to twitter for the first time you will be prompted whether you want the autofill to take place.
  7. Improved Gesture Control – Going to the contacts and then getting the desired one, this can now be done with ease. Just type ‘C’ on your screen and your contact list will pop up.
  8. Copy Less – Based on what you had been typing in the previous window, suggestion will be provided as to what you might have wanted to copy paste from there to the new app window. Easing you put from the age old habit of copy-paste.
  9. Safe browsing Google Play – Now your Google Play app will come with a protection blanket i.e. it would have the inbuilt functionality to scan the app that you wish to download from the app store.

LG G6 is safe and sound option to choose from and with the added ease of pre-installed Android 7.0, you get the direct ticket to have an upgrade to the Android 8.0 version. Android 8.0 may hit LG G6 in mid of 2018.

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