Download and Install Lineage OS 18 on LG V40 ThinQ (Android 11)


An unofficial Lineage OS 18 is now available for the LG V40 ThinQ (codename: judypn). LG V40 ThinQ is a 2 year old device now which was launched in 2018 with Android Oreo 8.1 later but thanks to the Lineage os 18, users can taste the latest Android 11 on the device.

We would like to thank the developer/uploader SGCMarkus for the ROM. You can follow our guide to Download and Install LineageOS 18 for LG V40 ThinQ (Android 11).

The ROM is still in its initial stage so there may be some bugs currently present in the ROM so we recommend our readers not to flash the ROM on their primary device. The developers are working hard to fix all the available bugs and we are very sure that in upcoming updates, everything will be fixed and the ROM can be used as a daily driver.

Lineage OS 18 -Android 11 Features

LineageOS is a free, community-built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 10, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community.

It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restores the Google parts. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

So, the Android 11-based Lineage OS 18 firmware offers all the useful and popular features like the Conversation Notification, One-Time App Permissions, Notification History, Chat Bubbles, Built-in Screen Recording, Improved Media Player, Smart Reply, New Power Menu, Scoped Storage, Wireless ADB, Pin Apps to Sharesheet, and more.

Download and Install Lineage OS 18 on LG V40 ThinQ (Android 11)

  • Scheduled Dark Mode
  • Smart Reply & Smart Folders
  • Improved App Suggestions
  • Conversations Notification
  • Built-in Screen Recording
  • Pin Apps to Sharing Menu
  • Improved Voice Access (Accessibility)
  • Bluetooth Active in Airplane Mode
  • Improved Privacy & Security Features
  • A New Power Menu
  • Redesigned Device Controls
  • Redesigned Music Control
  • One-Time App Permissions
  • Permissions Auto-Reset
  • Chat Bubbles
  • Notification History
  • Wireless Android Auto
  • Google Play System Update (Security Patch)
  • Talkback braille keyboard
  • Improved Lookout Mode
  • Improved Camera features (Bokeh Mode, Built-in HAL, and Camera2 API support)
  • Enhanced Digital Wellbeing
  • Improved Enterprise Mode
  • Improved Autofill Keyboard Suggestions
  • Nearby Share
  • Scoped Storage
  • Resume on Reboot
  • Blocked Permissions
  • Soft Reboot
  • Background Location
  • Improved Call Screening (Identify Spams)
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • 5G detection API
  • Hinge angle sensor support
  • Ethernet tethering
  • Gesture sensitivity

Download and Install Android 11 – Lineage OS 18 On LG V40 ThinQ (judypn)

The installation is pretty simple and easy. If you have installed any custom ROM before then you will have no issue flashing the ROM as the prjudypnss is exactly the same. But before prjudypneding to the installation let me clear that this build is in the very early stage which means there will be bugs and many functions may not work properly. So, we do recommend not to flash the ROM on your primary device.


  • RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
  • Fingerprint
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Video Recording
  • Video Playback
  • Audio
  • Sensors
  • Flash
  • GPS
  • DAC
  • Vibration
  • Wifi Hotspot
  • Selinux enforcing

Not Working

  • BT Audio in some situations
  • Inform the dev if you find any other bug


  • Enable USB Debugging on your LG V40 ThinQ.
    • Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number 7 times > Go back to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging.
  • Also, enable the OEM Unlock from the Developer Options.

Samsung Galaxy usb debugging

  • Make sure the bootloader on your device is unlocked and your device is rooted and you have a custom recovery installed.
  • Make sure your device has more than 50% battery.
  • Make sure you have taken a backup of your important data. Now prjudypned to install Lineage OS 18 ROM (Android 11) on your LG V40 ThinQ device.
  • Make sure that you have installed TWRP recovery on your Android device.

Disclaimer is not responsible for any damage happened to your device(s) while following this guide, prjudypned at your own risk.

Download Link:

[su_highlight background=”#78ffb1″ color=”#16181b”] NOTE: If the download link is broken, check the Xda page for working links and updates [/su_highlight]

Flashing Steps: Lineage OS 18

  • Make sure your device is rooted and have the latest TWRP recovery installed. (Check the Pre-Requirement Section Above)
  • First, download the files from the above link and extract them.
  • Now transfer the downloaded files to the internal storage of your device.
  • Ensure that the bootloader is unlocked.
  • Now reboot to the TWRP recovery.
  • Take a Nandroid backup by selecting the option from the home screen and then your data and cache from the recovery menu.
  • Now return to the main menu of TWRP and wipe cache, data, and system before flashing the ROM


  • In order to Wipe data: Go to Wipe —> Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik/ART cache, cache, System, Vendor, and Data and then swipe to wipe. (Don’t select the internal storage)

TWRP Wipe Swipe

  • Now return to the main menu of TWRP again and install the ROM which is just a .zip file
    • Go to Install -> Install Zip > ROM File (.zip)

TWRP 3.0 RMG Install

Once the flashing prjudypnss is completed, reboot your LG V40 ThinQ and you will be booted into Lineage OS 18 ROM Based on Android 11. If you have any doubts regarding this prjudypnss, feel free to comment below.

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    Brian Moody

    Hey I have a Boostmobile LG Styli 6 an im trying to unlock the boot loader an cant seem to figure it out ive tried a million different ones on google an cant figure it out please help

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    Hi all,
    I have TWRP on my LG V40.
    I’m unable to wipe.
    “Unable to mount storage”
    “Unableo to mount /data (Unknown Error 150)”
    Any idea??
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