Android 9.0 (P) Device List

List of Elephone Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 (P)

List of Elephone Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 (P): Google is gearing up to release the official version of Android 9.0 P in their next big event Google I/O 2018. Google has already released the Developer Preview version last month to get the feedback and work on reported bugs and glitches. May could be the month when Google makes it public for the smartphone manufacturers to provide it to their Android users via OTA update. There are various useful features implemented as reported by the developers who are testing out the OS now. There are various shuttle changes, bugs fixed, and major improvements that the users will appreciate. If you are an Elephone smartphone user, you should know which the Elephone devices that are likely to get Android P update after it releases.

New Features Android 9.0 P Comes With

Notch Support – iPhone X has set the trend of the top-notch design. In 2018, most of the mid-range and flagship smartphones coming out are having the same top-notch design. But some portion of the apps and videos are getting hidden due to this top notch. Therefore, Android P will have support for the top-notch design such that no portion of the app or video stay hidden and they can adjust themselves accordingly.

Indoor Navigation – With Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11mc, Android P will have this cool feature of indoor navigation which means it would be easy for you to move around in a shopping mall and spot the stores and outlets effortlessly. This concept will become big in coming years as it is a much demanded one.

No Background Spying – A security concern has come up in the last few years and it has been found that various trusted and malicious apps are recording your telephonic conversation and recording videos by accessing your microphone and camera secretly. This spring activity will be suspended in Android P as no apps will have the permission to access camera or microphone when it is not active.

Screenshot Editing – Android users were lacking a native tool to edit the screenshot and they had to rely on an external third-party app for editing the screenshot. The problem will be solved in Android P as there will be an inbuilt screenshot editing tool with which you can crop, draw, write text, and much more.

Apart from these cool features, there various other features like connecting 5 Bluetooth devices at once. multi-camera support,  improvements in messaging and notification reply and a dark mode for OLED screen.


List of Elephone Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 (P)

List of Elephone Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 (P)

The following is the list of Elephone devices that can get Android 9.0 P update from Elephone.

  • Elephone U Pro
  • Elephone U
  • Elephone S8
  • Elephone S9
  • Elephone P8 MAX

This is not the final list and new devices can be added in the due time. Therefore, keep following us for the updated list.

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