List Of Lenovo Devices Getting Official Android P 9.0 Update

List Of Lenovo Devices Getting Official Android P 9.0 Update: Lenovo is the famous smartphone manufacturer which was once among the bigger names in the industry like Samsung and Apple. Also, we have known that Lenovo recently purchased Motorola and the company is now owned by Lenovo with the smartphones continued to be released by Motorola same as before. However, the Motorola brand has also seen a decline in the recent years due to various factors. As far as the primary reasons are concerned, the Lenovo branded smartphones are declining in sales is because of the availability of better-priced smartphones from the likes of Xiaomi and Honor.

Now, if you are following Lenovo closely then you might have known that the company has not released any new smartphones this year. However, the company released the Lenovo K series smartphones last year which were named as the Lenovo K6 Note as well as Lenovo K8 Note among others. Now, it is expected from Lenovo that its latest smartphone launches will be upgraded to the latest version of Android which is Android Oreo that was released by Google last year. However, it is disappointing to know that even the flagship Lenovo smartphones have not yet been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Now, we have also known that the latest smartphones will be launched by Lenovo this year which will be named as the Lenovo K7 Note and the Lenovo K9 Note. Apart from that, it is also known that Google released the first developer preview of Android 9.0 P earlier this month and the official release of Android 9.0 P will take place by the end of August of this year. Talking about updates to Android 9.0 P for the Lenovo devices, we would not like to disappoint you but being frank, the chances of Lenovo updating their 2017 smartphones are very slim. However, the company should be updating their 2018 smartphone launches to Android 9.0 P by the second quarter of 2019. Therefore, we have compiled a list of smartphones that are expected to be upgraded to Android 9.0 P by Lenovo

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New Features In Android 9.0 P

Support For Notches – As you might have noticed all the latest premium smartphones that are coming out are having a top-notch design just like iPhone X. Therefore, Google has included various implementations for the top notch designs that smartphones will come out with. As a matter of fact, Google Pixel 3 is likely to have a similar design.

Turn By Turn Direction – The new wireless protocol known as Wi-Fi Round Trip Time will enable the devices having Android P installed to do indoor GPS-style tracking. Of course, the device must have the necessary hardware and there are going to be various apps coming out based on this new technology. This is going to be helpful in big buildings like shopping malls. This is also going to help voice assistants to execute comments based on the room settings.

Multi-Camera Support – Android P comes with multi-camera API to access streams from two different cameras simultaneously. The bokeh effect will improve and you can zoom seamlessly. There are going to be various other camera improvements like faster photo capture, support for external cameras and likewise.

There will be new transition animations, HTTPS will become a default for apps, a lockdown mode to disable biometric especially when someone is forcing you to unlock your smartphone, an alert tone will be played if your call is getting recorded, no mic access for background apps, screenshot editing options and much more.

List Of Lenovo Devices Getting Official Android P 9.0 Update

Lenovo Vibe K6 Power

  • Lenovo K7 Note
  • Lenovo K9 Note
  • Lenovo S5
  • Lenovo K9 Plus


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