List of top ChatGPT alternatives with GPT-4 for free in September 2023

In recent months, ChatGPT has been the talk of the tech world. With the introduction of GPT-4, it has got even more popular. Unfortunately, ChatGPT 4 isn’t available for free. This can result in many users having to look for free alternatives.

If you’re interested in exploring other services that provide an experience similar to ChatGPT, or if you’re looking to diversify from the top ChatGPT plugins, you’re in the right place.

This guide includes an array of ChatGPT alternatives worth considering. Without further ado, prepare multiple tabs on your browser and get ready to interact with a range of AI bots.

List of top ChatGPT4 alternatives with GPT-4 for free

List of top ChatGPT alternatives with GPT-4 for free

#1. Microsoft Bing

Thanks to AI, the previously forgotten Microsoft Bing is now able to solve your queries. By integrating GPT-4 into its search engine, Microsoft Bing will provide its users access to the various advanced features of this language model for free. Bing AI will allow you to customize how you wish the results to turn out and enable you to create images.

This ChatGPT alternative will also remember your past prompts, which is another positive. However, it will only take a total of 20 consecutive prompts because of certain restrictions by Microsoft. Interestingly, Bing cites sources if you’re doubting the accuracy of this info.

#2. ForeFront AI

ForeFront AI is another truly exceptional service that offers accessible and advanced AI tools to the public. To provide state-of-the-art language generation capabilities, GPT 4 is available to all users for free. All you’ll need to do for using ForeFront AI is create an account. When using this tool, the number of prompts you’re able to send is boundless. There aren’t any limitations on the number of prompts you can send daily.

#3. is an AI platform where you’ll be able to access GPT4 for free. This ChatGPT alternative offers a user-friendly interface that can generate text and engage in discussion with many AI characters. Moreover, it’ll also allow you to create personalized characters that you can chat with.

You’ll get a hands-on opportunity to explore the full potential of GPT4, whether you have to write texts, solve problems, or do any other creative things. This platform offers different features like creating GIFs, photos, mind maps, articles, and more.

#4. HuggingFace

HuggingFace is a popular open-source platform that features several language models, including GPT4. This ChatGPT alternative is free and will give you easy access to different models using the API. With this tool, you’ll be able to access the GPT4 model, incorporate it into different apps, and use its power to carry out tasks like text generation, translation, summarization, language comprehension, and more.

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