List of Vernee devices getting official Android 9.0 P

Expected List of Vernee devices getting official Android 9.0 P: The good news for Android users is that Android 9.0 P is only a few months away from its official release by Google. The feedbacks and bugs are being reported by the developers as Google already release Developer Preview version. Google is working rigorously to fix the reported bugs and creating a stable version. Google I/O event in 2018 has been considered to be the tentative date for the release.

There are various new features and improvements available that will make life easier for all Android users provided their smartphone manufacturer push the OTA update sooner than later. Vernee as a brand always lags in release latest updates of the OS for their devices. Vernee devices that are likely to get Android as an OTA update form the company are listed below.

New Features Android 9.0 P Comes With –

Android P is likely to come with the following new features as reported by the developers who are testing it out.

Notch Support – After iPhone X, every Android smartphone manufacturer is bringing out new mid-range and premium smartphones with the top-notch design. That is why Android P will have top-notch support which will let the developers optimize the apps so that no part of the app stays hidden behind the notch.

Screenshot Editing –You do not have to download any third-party external app to edit the screenshots you take. Instead, you can edit the screenshots, write texts, or draw sketches as per your requirement with the native app Android P comes with.

Indoor Navigation – Android P will have this awesome feature of indoor navigation. You are used to outdoor navigation thanks to GPS and Google Maps. Now, when you go to commercial buildings like shopping malls and corporate offices, you can find your own way.

No Spying – Some trusted and malicious apps are misusing the permissions you give while installing the apps. That is why Android P will not let the apps use your mic to record your conversation or camera to record your video when it is inactive in the background. Only active apps currently opened on the screen can use them.

Apart from these features, connecting five Bluetooth devices at once, multi-camera support, massive improvements in the message and notification replies are some other changes you will see in Android P.

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Expected  List Of Vernee Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P

The following is the list of Vernee devices that can get Android 9.0 P update from Vernee.

  • Vernee Thor Plus
  • Vernee M6
  • Vernee MIX 2
  • Vernee X
  • Vernee Active

This is not the final list and new devices can be added in the due time. Therefore, keep following us for the updated list.


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