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How to manage and change subscription packs in Tata Sky

Tata Sky started out as a joint venture of the Tata Group and 21st Century Fox in 2004 and within a decade or so it revolutionized the way people watch TV in India. It is a direct broadcast satellite TV producer in India that offers almost 700 channels, out of which more than 500 are SD and more than 100 are HD. Tata Sky offers other active services too. In this guide, you’ll get to know how you can manage and change subscription packs in Tata Sky.

How to manage your packs in Tata Sky?

manage and change subscription packs in Tata Sky

  1. Tata Sky has an amazing feature that’ll allow you to manage your packs
  2. You can then head over to the app or official website and select “Manage My Pack”
  3. There, you’ll get to see each type of channel you’ve watched and much how is remaining in the pack
  4. This will be a great way of keeping track of your channels and knowing when you’ll have to renew your pack

How to change your subscription packs in Tata Sky?

If you’re looking for how to change your Tata Sky pack, you don’t have to look elsewhere. Here, you’ll find three proven methods to help you plan the changes you want to make in your Tata Sky packs.

Method 1: Change the Tata Sky pack online

For changing your Tata Sky pack online, you should follow these simple steps –

  1. Log on to the official website of Tata Sky (
  2. Enter your subscriber ID or registered mobile number and select “Manage Packs”
  3. For changing your Tata Sky pack, click on the “Change” tab on the base pack
  4. Choose your desired pack and its duration
  5. Now, click on the “Submit” button for saving the changes
  6. Done! Your Tata Sky pack is changed

Method 2: Change Tata Sky pack via SMS

Adding a new channel to the current pack will be quite easy, as you’ll have to send an “SMS add <Add on Code>” to 56633 from your registered mobile number. You’ll receive a confirmation within 30 minutes of sending the SMS while the channel will get unlocked on your Tata Sky DTH.

Method 3: Change the pack by calling the customer care

The easiest method for changing the pack would be by calling customer care at 1800-208-6633 from the registered mobile number. It’s extremely useful if you’re looking to add a specific pack or a single channel.

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