How to Manually Update LG G5 to Android Nougat 7.0

In this guide, you will learn How to Manually Update LG G5 to Android Nougat 7.0: The LG G5 was a really let down smartphone by LG in 2016. While people had high expectations from it since both the LG G4 and the LG G3 did so great, LG somehow managed to let down the crowd with its pretty bad smartphone released earlier this year. This, however doesn’t mean that people who’ve bought the phone are left to stagnate. LG still does care about its little percentage of LG G5 users, and has released the official Nougat update.

The Nougat update is being rolled out part-by-part in specific regions, so it will indeed take a lot of time for it to roll out worldwide. If you own an LG G5, and are planning to attain the sweet Android Nougat features that come with the update, then look no further! Here is our in-depth guide on How to Manually Update LG G5 to Android Nougat 7.0.

For this, you will need to download a big file, and also will need access to a Windows PC with all the essential drivers installed. We will be installing the update manually with the help of LG’s official flashing tool. Let’s begin.

DISCLAIMER is not responsible for any hardware/software issues that occur to your device(s) by following this guide. We are certain that the following guide is carefully written, avoiding any mistakes on our side. If you are unsure of the causalities that may occur if the procedure goes wrong, then please don’t proceed.


  • This guide is for the European LG G5 (H850) only.
  • A complete nandroid backup of your device is recommended, in case something goes wrong.Guide  How To Create & Restore Nandroid Backup On Android Devices
  • Make sure your device is charged at least upto 60%, to prevent unexpected shutdowns in the process.
  • Before you begin with the tutorial, make sure that ‘USB Debugging‘ is enabled from Settings > Developer Options.


Download Nougat KDZ File for LG G5 v20A

Download Latest LGUP For LG G5 / Other Versions

Download LG G5 H850 DLL file

How to Manually Update LG G5 to Android Nougat

Manually Update LG G5 to Android Nougat 7.0

  1. Download both the LGUP tool as well as the firmware file, and extract it to your computer.
  2. Install LGUP tool by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Copy the .DLL file to C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LGUP\mode.
  4. Turn off your LG G5, and reboot into the download mode. To do so, connect to your PC, and press and hold the Volume Up button.
  5. Launch the LGUP tool on your PC, and locate the KDZ file you’ve downloaded in the ‘Upgrade‘ section.
  6. Take a deep breath and press on the Start button.
  7. The process might take several minutes, so go grab your coffee.
  8. Once done your device will reboot automatically.

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Voila! You’ve succeeded in installing Android Nougat on the LG G5! If you have any queries, feel free to let us know down below!

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