Meeting Management Software

In this digital world and modern society, traditional meeting platforms have been automated into virtual boardroom meetings, which naturally involve utilizing meeting management software.

Meeting management software is undoubtedly helpful. Thanks to it, teams can efficiently achieve their set goals within a cost-effective method and in an easier way.

This piece is set to show what meeting management software is, what are its main benefits, and how it works.

What is meeting management software?

Meeting Management Software
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Meeting management software is designed to guide and render immense assistance to teams on planning and achieving fruitful and focused meetings. The users of this virtual board software leverage it for efficient coordination of meetings accompanied by scheduling functionality. For guaranteed visibility, they also usually integrate with calendar software.

Meeting management software features fantastic tools, including minutes recorders, agenda creators, and consensus trackers. All these tools help facilitate productive meetings. Even though most meeting management software is designed for any meeting type, some tools can be used for specialized meetings such as retrospectives, scrums, workshops, and one-on-ones.

There are several reasons meeting management tools are highly preferred in some companies. These may include its planning and task distribution features, notification function, ability to create, search, and maintain seamlessly various information, and capability to make internal communication easier than ever.

What makes a product qualify as a meeting management tool?

Before a product can be referred to as meeting management software, it must have the following capabilities:

  1. Can create a meeting agenda.
  2. Can record meeting minutes through text or audio.
  3. Can offer consensus tools for in-person decision-making and discussion.
  4. Can help with meeting coordination and schedules.
  5. Can outline action items and make tasks according to meeting proceedings.

Several board management software may use some areas of meetings management; however, these tools are specially designed for meetings held by board members, C-suite executives, and committees. Therefore, the specifics of their use is slightly different from the ordinary meeting management solution.

What is the best meeting management software?

When it comes to choosing a meeting management software ideal for you and your team, there are more options than ever. According to board portals Australia, the following are top board portal software:

  • BoardMaps
  • iDeals
  • Diligent
  • Brainloop
  • BoardEffect
  • Nasdaq
  • Loomion
  • Boardtrac
  • Boardable
  • ProcessPA

Benefits of meeting management software

Below are some of the benefits that meeting management software can offer:

  1. Paperless meeting solution: With a meeting management tool, there is no need for stacks of post-its and many meeting notebooks. The solution features dashboards, tabs, and fields on which you can take notes directly. Also, these notes can be shared with others by giving access to the tool. This will save you the stress of photocopying several pages of a notebook.
  2. Cybersecurity: Increased security is one of the typical benefits users of meeting management software enjoy. Since security is important in business, this software ensures that your sensitive documents and data are well-managed.
  3. Better collaboration: Collaboration is an essential feature of an online board meeting when it involves people across departments. For an effective meeting, people need to partake. Fortunately, meeting management software has features that accommodate collaboration across presentations and improve video demonstrations, side decks, and whiteboard dashboards. Besides, these features make solving problems and brainstorming ideas very easy.
  4. Quick information accessibility: Meeting management software comes with tools that make instant updates possible and provide fast access to decisions, talking points, or agreed-upon deadlines.
  5. Advanced note-taking system: Taking notes with a pen and paper can make you make a mistake, miss an important point, or lose the note easily. However, with a board portal, no point can miss or be forgotten because it’s automated. Meeting management software offers transparent details of every meeting, which can be shared instantly or archived for later.

How meeting management software works?

Meeting management software can help with different aspects of meetings. The following are ways it works:

Before the meeting:

  • Setting the stage for a successful discussion
  • Scheduling meetings for a time that works for most members of the team in a few clicks
  • Setting a productive agenda after the meeting gets on every team member’s calendar
  • Assigning tasks to team members before starting the meeting for preparation beforehand

During the meeting:

  • Automating numerous tasks, ensuring that things are run smoothly and that the meeting is not kept too long
  • Ensuring the success of the meeting by helping members follow the agenda
  • Making taking minutes and notes more consistent and more manageable
  • Keeping attendance to know those who attend each meeting

After the meeting:

  • Sending out the meeting minutes, notes, and any vital document effortlessly to everyone (including the absentees)
  • Assigning out tasks and next steps to team members
  • Summing up the main points with a meeting recap
  • Following up on open tasks or those that have passed their due time


With excellent meeting management software, working with a global workforce remotely can be made less challenging. This is because the tools can help you achieve the purpose of setting up a meeting by ensuring that the agenda items are well-addressed.

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