Motorola released Android 14 to Moto G13

Motorola has started updating it’s Moto G13 to Android 14. It’s the first major update for the device. The Moto G13 came out in January 2023 with Android 13.

The update is first coming to Japan and will be available in other countries soon. As you know, these updates come in phases, so it may take up to a few days for the updates to come to all the models.

A user named @hak_komok shared a picture of the update on X (which used to be called Twitter). The update is about 1.5 GB and is version UHA34.29_060201.

What’s New in Android 14 for Moto G13?

Motorola released Android 14 to Moto G13
Android 14 Moto G13 Update Screenshot

Android 14 brings some new features to the Moto G13. You can change your lock screen, use new color themes, and use your phone as a webcam. There’s a new battery settings page, bigger fonts, better privacy and security, and more improvements.

Steps to update

If you live in Japan and have a Moto G13, you can check for the update. Go to Settings > System updates > Check for updates.

The update will also come to unlocked versions soon. If you don’t see it yet, wait a few days.

Before updating, back up your data. Also, charge your phone to at least 50%. This will make sure the update goes smoothly.

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