[2023] Download Latest MTK Droid Tool v2.5.3 (Old versions included)

In this article, you will be able to download the latest MTK Droid Tool (including v2.5.3b)  for your MediaTek devices as we have shared all versions of MTK Droid Tool..Very recently MediaTek has released latest MTK Droid tool v2.5.3 for MediaTek device, so if you are on who is searching for the latest MTK droid tool then this article can prove beneficial for you.

Full form of MTK is MediaTek, MTK Droid tool helps you to perform a various task on your android smartphone very easily. It can perform many tasks like Flash Firmware, Scatter File creation, Root MediaTek device and recovery backup. This tool also helps you to flash different type of formats of files, also you can create a backup of your device. You can only perform these actions if you are running a MediaTek device.

This MTK droid tool is only suitable for running on a device with MediaTek chipset, so if you have Mediatek chipsets then you must download this tool as it helps you to perform various action. If you are not sure about your device chipset then you can check it by downloading Cpu-z app from Google Play Store.

What is MTK Droid Tool?

MediaTek Droid tool (MTk Droid Tool) is a very small tool for PC which is used to root android phones which are based on the MediaTek platform. It can be used to create Scatter File for MediaTek devices. The toll can create stock firmware (+ data) backup.

Features of MTK droid tool

You can take Backup

With the help of MTK droid toolkit, you can even take a backup of your device while flashing any custom ROM or anything else, Backup will help if you did anything wrong during flashing custom ROM.

You can Root Your device

With the help of MTK droid toolkit, you can also root your media chipset running device easily. This is one of the nicest features of MTK droid toolkit which I liked the most.

You can Flash Firmware

With the help of MTK droid toolkit, you can also flash any firmware old or new very easily without any problem. This feature can be helpful when you can’t get the OTA update, you can easily flash the firmware without watching any tutorial about it. Droid toolkit is very simple to use.

Now here is the link of MTK droid toolkit V2.5.3, as well as old versions, are also listed.

Download MediaTek Droid Tools (All Versions) || As of December 2023


💡Note: We have collected the links from various sources and we are not hosting any of these files.



Download MTK Droid Tools Download Links
MTK Droid Tool V2.2.9 Download
MTK Droid Tool V2.3.4 Download
MTK Droid Tool V2.4.0 Download
MTK Droid Tool V2.4.8 Download
MTK Droid Tool V2.5.0 Download
MTK Droid Tool V2.5.1 Download
MTK Droid Tool V2.5.2 Download
MTK Droid Tool V2.5.3 Download
MTK Droid Tool V2.5.3b (Latest) Download


Password: MTK || The latest tool is taken from androidmtk.com, so all credit to them

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