Nokia XR21 started getting Android 14 update

Nokia is rolling out the stable Android 14 update for the Nokia XR21. This is the second major OS update for the device. The device can get three major updates, so it will get one more OS update in the future.

Nokia seems to be behind on releasing updates for Android 14. It’s been almost a year since the operating system came out, but Nokia has only managed to update the Nokia G42 5G, Nokia G60, and Nokia X30.

It’s been almost three months since Nokia released Android 14 for the Nokia X30 and G60. Now, the company has finally done it for the Nokia XR21. The update has only just started to go out to users; so far, only a few have received it.

Discussions in the HMD Discord group say that the Nokia XR21 started getting Android 14 last week. Because the update is about 2.6 GB in size and has the build version V3.150, it is best to download it over WiFi.

Nokia XR21 started getting Android 14 update
Nokia XR21 started getting Android 14 update | Pic: HMD Discord

The changelog for the update isn’t out yet, but most of the features should be the same as those in the Nokia X30 update.

If they haven’t already, Nokia XR21 users should get the update over-the-air (OTA). This update, like others, is being rolled out in groups, so it might take a few weeks for it to reach all devices. Since it’s a big update, you should make a backup of your files before installing it.

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