Nougat Preview Program of ZTE Axon 7 Mini launched in U.S.

Recently, ZTE has launched a new Nougat preview program in the United States for all the users of the Axon Z Mini. This preview program will be bringing the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat update to all the users, which is really amazing news for all the Axon Z Mini users.

This basically means, if you an Axon Z Mini user living in the U.S. and want to give Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS a try, then you can do it through this Nougat preview program and you need to act quickly. Since there are a limited number of slots available, so if you are quick enough, ZTE will contact you only if you are selected. To help you quicken up the process, we have included a link at the end which will take you to the signup page for this Nougat Preview program.

ZTE’s Axon Z had recently started receiving the Android 7.1.1 Nougat updates in the U.S. and through immense hard work ZTE has managed to achieve something that even big names like Samsung haven’t managed till now. There are not many OEMs that have updated their devices to Nougat and that too Android 7.1.1.

ZTE Axon 7 Mini's Nougat Preview Program Launched In U.S

There is no fixed date when this preview program would start but after all the users are selected, they will start receiving the latest firmware updates. So go to the given link and fill up the form for signup before all the slots are filled ->



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