OmniROM starts releasing Android 8.1 Oreo weekly builds

OmniROM starts releasing Android 8.1 Oreo weekly builds: We have known that the latest version of Android was released by Google in the second half of 2017 and the latest version of the most popular operating system in the world has been named as Android Oreo. Now, the first release of Android Oreo was Android 8.0 Oreo which was released by Google in the month of August. We have also known that Google also released a maintenance release of Android 8.0 Oreo which was in beta stage until last month as Android Oreo Developer Preview. However, Google released the latest version of Android Oreo as Android 8.1 Oreo to all the Google devices around the world as an OTA update which includes Pixel and Nexus devices.

Also, the update to Android 8.1 Oreo was released in AOSP which is Android Open Source Project as is the case every time a new version of Android is released due to the fact that Android is an open source operating system and it is mandatory to release the code to the public. Now, this is the reason that we see many custom ROMs based on the latest version of Android even before the official update has been released by OEMs to their particular device.

Now, one of the popular custom ROMs known by the name of OmniROM has been releasing latest builds of the latest versions of Android from a long time and we are seeing the same thing repeated once again. Now, we have known that OmniROM has started to release the OmniROM builds which are based on Android 8.1 Oreo. Also, the latest builds from OmniROM are released on a weekly basis and we have seen almost 2-3 releases for many popular devices since its first release.

Talking about the devices that are currently supported, OmniROM currently supports OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 5, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and many devices are expected to be supported very soon.

List of all devices which will support OMNIROM Oreo update

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