One UI Watch 6 beta with Galaxy AI is here

Samsung recently previewed its new One UI 6 Watch OS for Galaxy Watches. The update brings some neat artificial intelligence features from Samsung phones to eligible watches like Watch 6, 5, and 4 series.

This software update comes with improvements in several key areas. Samsung Health now provides a daily “energy score” based on your sleep and activity levels, letting you know when rest may be needed or when to push yourself a little more. Sleep tracking also includes details like heart rate and breathing rate during sleep.

You can create custom workout routines with set targets. Controls are better too, with a double pinch gesture for quick actions, faster scrolling, and easy views of ongoing activities.

Universal gestures and modes make things easier. Notifications are managed better, and new features include a stylish font, longer battery life, and auto Bluetooth audio connection.

One UI 6 Watch Beta Program

The beta program for One UI 6 Watch started on June 12, 2024. You can download it in the USA and South Korea for Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic. Other places like India, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan will get it next.

Eligibe devices

  • Galaxy Watch 4
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
  • Galaxy Watch 5
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  • Galaxy Watch 6
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic
  • Watch 7 (out of the box)
  • Watch 7 Classic (out of the box)
  • Watch 7 Ultra (out of the box)

Galaxy AI Features

Energy Score

One UI 6 watch Energy Score
One UI 6 watch Energy Score | Pic: Samsung

The energy score shows your daily health by looking at:

  • Sleep time average
  • Sleep consistency
  • Bed/wake time consistency
  • Previous day activity
  • Sleeping heart rate
  • Heart rate variability

Wellness Tips

These give advice based on your health goals, like improving sleep, increasing activity, or managing stress.

Enhanced Sleep AI Algorithm

The new sleep algorithm gives detailed sleep insights, showing movement, sleep latency, heart rate, and breathing rate during sleep. It helps you understand your sleep patterns better.

All-New Fitness Features

Personalized Health Rate Zone

New metrics for running and cycling help you train better. Cyclists can measure their performance with AI data analysis.

Workout Routine and Race Features

You can combine exercises for a custom workout and track progress with the race feature.

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One UI 6 Watch Beta 1 Full Changelog

Galaxy AI Features

  • Energy Score: Shows your readiness based on sleep and activity. It helps you decide when to rest or work harder.
  • Sleep Insights: Detailed sleep analysis including heart rate and respiratory rate.
  • Custom Workouts: Set targets for sets and reps in your workouts.
  • Improved Controls: Double pinch gesture for quick actions, faster scrolling, and easy view of ongoing activities.
  • Universal Gestures: Quick actions with automatic focus. Move your wrist to go back to the previous screen.
  • Notification Management: Choose which apps can send notifications.
  • Modes Control: Control settings based on your activity or location.
  • Instant Emojis: Set favorite emojis for quick responses.
  • Save Image Attachments: Save images from messages to your watch gallery.
  • Stylish Font: New stylish font as default.
  • Battery Saving: Choose to limit health features for longer battery life.
  • Auto Bluetooth Connection: Auto-connect to Bluetooth audio devices.

How to Download One UI 6 Watch Beta

  • Download or update the Samsung Members app.
Join beta program one ui 6 watch with samsung member
Join beta program one ui 6 watch with samsung member
  • Sign in with your Samsung Account.
  • Go to the notice section and join the One UI Beta Program.
Check watch software update
Check watch software update
  • Once registered, check for updates in settings > system updates > download OTA updates.
Download and install software update
Download and install software update

Source: Sammobile | Screenshots: Jimmy is Promo (Youtube)

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